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Archaeologists have found remnants of plants that were used for medicinal purposes that date back to the paleolithic age, more than 60,000 years ago. During this time roots, fungi, flowers and plants were used to treat common ailments, including constipation and wound infections.

Over time, humans began to document the natural healing properties of various herbs and foliage, leading to a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of how these resources could be of benefit.

One amazing example of this is the Papyrus Ebers, an ancient Egyptian document that contains medicinal information on more than 850 plants, including aloe, garlic, and coriander.

Today, herbalism is a thriving international enterprise. In fact, experts estimate the global herbal medicine market will be worth $111 billion by the year 2023.

At Dherbs, we believe our customers see value in enhancing their overall well-being with the organic, unprocessed herbal remedies Mother Nature has to offer.

That's why we are dedicated to providing our patrons with premium, 100% all natural herbs that are completely free of fillers, binders, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients.

The Best Selection of Herbal Products Available Online

At Dherbs, we take great pride in our extensive inventory of natural healing remedies. With hundreds of products to choose from, we want to ensure our customers can always find an herbal remedy that supports their wellness goals.

We source our high-grade herbs and supplements from around the world, working closely with growers so we can guarantee our shoppers have access to only the freshest, most unrefined herbal remedies currently on the market.

This unwavering dedication to quality all natural herbal remedies has set us apart from other vitamin and supplement companies, earning us the trust and support of a worldwide community that shares our philosophy and appreciates our commitment to helping clients regain their natural balance and vitality.

Curated Herbal Remedy Categories

To experience optimum results from herbal natural remedies, customers need to be familiar with the various classifications of herbs and their unique benefits.

Unfortunately, not every customer has the time or interest to study their herbal remedies in-depth.

That's why we decided to curate specific categories for our valued customers, grouping our herbal products together based on the ailment they treat, as well as the style of treatment available.

Below are just some of our herbal remedy categories:

1. Weight Management

Maintaining an optimal body size is a health concern that many individuals struggle with. Thus, we decided to create a category of our best herbal remedies that are known to improve metabolism, lessen food cravings, and support proper digestion. These supplements are specifically formulated to help the body convert food into energy more efficiently, leading to improved weight loss outcomes and optimized digestive wellness.

2. Hygiene and Beauty

Skincare and cleanliness are a major contributing factor to a person's overall well being. Whether it's using shampoos and conditioners that are free of harmful synthetic ingredients and toxins or applying oils that aid in healthy hair and nail growth, our hygiene and beauty herb remedies are designed to keep your body feeling it's best from head to toe.

3. Specialty Cleanses

Cleanses are natural healing remedies that are delivered over the course of several days. These short-term dietary interventions are designed to eliminate harmful toxins from the body, boost the immune system, improve nutrient absorption, and restore the body to its ideal metabolism. At Dherbs, we have several cleanse options that target specific health concerns, including sexual reproductive health, weight loss, and respiratory health.

4. Pregnancy

Herbal remedies are a fantastic option for expecting mothers who want to ensure healthy fetal development and experience a smooth, safe, and seamless pregnancy. At Dherbs, we stock a range of natural herbal remedies that strengthen the immune system, provide nourishment, and bolster the production of essential pregnancy vitamins and minerals, including folic acid and B vitamins.

5. Athletic Supplements

Athletes have precise nutritional needs that are often difficult to maintain through a regular diet alone, making herb remedies and supplements a highly beneficial addition to their regimen. We supply a spectrum of herbal remedies that can enhance athletic performance, improve stamina, and support the body's neuromuscular systems. These remedies can be used by athletes of all types and experience levels, and are great for sports players who prefer to stick with organic supplement solutions.

If you're looking for a natural healing remedies supplier that you can depend on, no matter what your health concern may be or what ailment you are currently experiencing, Dherbs is the right choice for you.

We are constantly replenishing our online inventory to ensure our customers have undisrupted access to the top quality vitamins, supplements, and remedies they require.

Plus, we process and ship all orders within 48 hours*, so you can be sure you'll receive your herbal products within a convenient and reasonable timeframe.


* With the exception of products on back-order.

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What our customers are saying about us...

  • I purchased this product for my 4 year old daughter, which just started pre-k. As we all know, one child or the other is always coughing, which keeps our children coughing. When she starts to cough, I give her one dropper of the Cough Extract three times a day. The cough then last 2 to 3 days and it is gone. Thanks Dherbs for all that you naturally do.

  • I love DHerbs products they have helped me in so many ways. I have purchase the Female Breast Formula and when I went to have my breast exam my results came back normal. I have also referred this product to one of my co-worker who is diagnosis with stomach cancer; after taken this product her results were normal. Thank you! D. Wilson

  • I'm on my 6th day of the uterus cleanse its the best cleanse that i've done i did the full body twice the female cleanse and the 10 day electric greens combo but the uterus cleanse is the best for me. It's really has helped me, every woman should do it, you'll love it. I plain to do it at least three times a year. Shout out to dherbs Thank You. Joanne Duruisseau Semien

  • I cut my hair right before I bought my first bottle, and I can tell you that my hair has grown back and is healthier then before. My nails have been growing that has been hard with the type of work I do, they are stronger and do not split like they use to in the past. I will be buying this again. My friends and co-workers have noticed that my face has cleared up with my skin it is not as dried out as I usually have very dry itchy skin. It seems softer to me, and not as dried out. It is worth...

  • I have been using the Sea Moss for over a year now and the results are great. My skin is smoother and clearer, I have a bit of vitiligo and those patches have become saturated with color. I also have an increase of energy. Great product and I will continue to purchase. Thanks Dherbs!

  • Each morning I have two cups of tea, one cup is the weight release tea in which strongly suppresses my appetite and the other cup is the energy tea. I strongly recommend each. I am about to do my third Full Body Detox and I can't wait to add the tea to my regiment.

  • The Body Yoni bar is awesome! The bar helps with ph balance and the herbs smell delicious. My yoni.


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