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  • The Anti-V Formula is a very good product and it helped me extremely. I will continue to buy this, Thanks.

  • I am so grateful for the FBC. I lost 14lbs. After the first week, the goal of weight lose became secondary because I could feel My body transforming in a way I have not experienced.This cleanse works well as long as you work with it. Thank you, DHerbs!

  • I think the cleanse is great, I like the idea of cleaning the entire body versus products just cleansing the colon. I will definitely continue to use the product.

  • I didn't believe it until I tried it! I'm one of those people who reads the reviews but look at them with a side eye. I just knew this was a gimmick. I thought I would give it a try because I had ten stubborn pounds that wanted to stick around. Those pounds have left plus they took 6 of their friends. It works! It wasn't hard to stick to the raw and vegan....I just didn't like it. I can eat veggies but I like them cooked. So in all honesty my 21 days went about 16 before I made some delicious...

  • Omg!!! Tears are flowing because of happiness thank you so much for coming out with this product.... I'm so happy this is the best product i have ever used and it truly works. I've lost 44 pounds in 3 Months thank you DHERBS.

  • I just completed my first Full Body Cleanse, I must say I am very impressed with the product. I did feel that I had more energy after a week of taking the cleanse; the sticking with eat raw foods was not as hard as I thought it would be. I also lost 12 pounds! I am on my way to order and start the Uterus Cleanse, I appreciate all of the information that Dherbs provides in reference to what to expect, and the whys of your body's current status. I am looking to an alternative solution. I will...

  • I purchased the Children's Cough Extract for my toddler who was suffering from a cough. At first I didn't notice a difference but after a couple of days his coughing wasn't as frequent and within a couple more days his cough stopped. I truly am happy to have found dherbs products it has truly helped my family and I.


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