10 Big And Small Things To Be Grateful For 

10 Big And Small Things To Be Grateful For 

In hard times when you have nothing or the best of times when you have everything, there is always room for gratitude. It’s a powerful habit to form, but it takes discipline to make it a regular part of your life. Too often do people take things for granted, but expressing gratitude can make you happier, reduce anxiety levels, or put a smile on someone else. There is time to savor each moment, be it a walk with a loved one or food on the table. 

Clinical psychologists explain that gratitude can influence your mental health. Studies show that being more grateful allows the brain to develop connections that have positive associations. When you are grateful, you focus on what is instead of what isn’t or what could have been. This practice keeps you in the present moment, the only moment in your life that you can completely control. 

During the holiday season, people start to think about gratitude more and more. There are so many people who struggle on a daily basis, and it seems irresponsible to ignore that struggle when you look at your own life. Be grateful for everything you have and all the things you don’t have. Treasure what you have because the path to happiness starts with gratitude. Below, you’ll find both big and small things to be grateful for.


For many people, there is no greater companionship than that of a pet who loves you. A pet can easily put a smile on your face and comfort you when you need it. Pets love you unconditionally, and that love is rare and pure. Appreciate your pet(s) and all that you share with them. 

Good Friends

If you manage to build strong friendships with a few people, then you are blessed. One of the easiest things to be thankful for is a core group of friends. People that stand by your side in moments of greatness and sadness are truly special and deserve appreciation.


Be it a breakfast sandwich, granola bar, smoothie, salad, or burger, food is a gift. It is so easy to take the food you eat for granted! It fuels you for daily activities and can bring a smile to your face. Without proper nourishment, you would not be able to do so many things. 


Some argue that kindness is a rarity in the present day, but you can spot kindness almost everywhere. Knowing that kindness is out there can restore your faith in humanity. Witnessing kindness can inspire others to be better people, and perhaps they plant kindness seeds for others to see. If someone helped you overcome a difficult time, let that be enough to spark gratitude within you.

Your Body

Sure, you can wish that your body was a different shape or had different features, but the reality is that your body is amazing. It does so much to keep you alive, which is something to be grateful for. When you accept your body for all the things it does and how it helps you enjoy so many things in life, your physical and mental health tend to benefit. 


It’s a lot easier to appreciate nature when you go to it, as opposed to seeing it through your social feed. Water, clean air, trees, mountains, and more are held together by a beautiful force. When you are grateful for these things, you can develop a deep sense of accountability to help preserve them. Doing your part to take care of the environment can inspire others to do the same.


Life is so much easier to bear when you have the loving presence of others. Whether you are with your parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, children, or grandparents, family is worthy of gratitude. Family can also mean your chosen group of people that make up your constellation. Cherish each person who brings love and comfort into your life.


Besides being a loving light that brightens the day, the sun helps to keep you warm and helps plants grow. Without the sun, we would be nothing. Whenever you get a moment, walk outside and stand in the sunlight for a few minutes. We guarantee that it will put a smile on your face and ignite gratitude. 

Learning From Mistakes

The ability to learn from your mistakes is truly a gift. It’s something that is only the privilege of humans because we can comprehend what went wrong and how not to repeat that moving forward. Be thankful that we have been blessed with this ability!

Having A Home

Shelter, or a roof over your head, is a luxury. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have shelter, so be grateful for the one you have, no matter how big, small, rented, or owned it is. The fact that you have a place to reside and rest is one of the biggest things you can be grateful for in this life.

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