10 Black Wellness Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

10 Black Wellness Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

When it comes to your health, it is encouraged to be selfish. For black individuals, however, it can be hard to identify with a health and wellness industry that often caters to white individuals. Even though influential black wellness figures, who constantly generate positive and informational content, exist on social media, they are often eclipsed by white influencers.

2020 has left the black community vulnerable and devastated. From the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Atatian Jefferson and countless other black individulas to the coronavirus pandemic, which affected more people of color, there has never been a more important time to empower the black community. As a response to these events, black individuals and platforms produced content to uplift the black community, providing resources, information, love, and more to those suffering. 

As a black-owned business that focuses on health and wellness, Dherbs is always on the lookout for like-minded individuals and companies. We are all on this journey together, and we want to see as many people as possible thrive, succeed, and achieve optimal wellness. Rev up your wellness game by following the black wellness Instagram accounts below.


Shameless plug. Sorry, not sorry. From day one, Dherbs has helped people reclaim their birthright of optimal and vibrant health. There’s no room for negativity at Dherbs, and we publish informational and inspirational content that helps boost physical and mental health. Start following us if you haven’t already done so!


Black Girl In Om is “…a space for black women to breathe easy.” The Instagram account offers meditation, yoga, and journaling workshops that emphasize holistic wellness. Their vision is to create “…a world where womxn of color are liberated, empowered, & seen.” Check them out for meditations and more!


This woman is absolutely incredible. Not only is she an incredible yogi and founder of Underbelly Yoga, but she also promotes body positivity through her pictures, videos, and workshops. Jessamyn Stanley breaks the stereotypes of the fitness industry and shows how anyone of any age, gender, race, or physical condition can improve their health.  


Alex Toussaint is a senior instructor at Peloton, and he has a large following of dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Toussaint’s tough-love fitness approach motivates NFL stars to the average Peloton app user. He inspires people to do their best and attack life with a tenacious spirit. If you want help reaching your fitness goals, follow Toussaint.


Light Watkins has been a Vedic meditation teacher since 2007, and has helped people from all walks of life discover the importance of meditation. In this time of social unrest, Watkins has helped many people work through grief, anger, frustration, and other emotions that tax the body. He continually shares videos and you can listen to his podcast for in depth conversations.


Rest for Resistance is a trans-led organization that focuses on uplifting LGBTQIA+ individuals and marginalized communities. This includes Latinx, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Black, Middle Eastern, multiracial, and Asian people. These communities rarely get adequate access to social support, so Rest for Resistance creates this safe space for people who are too often silenced. Their art is powerful!


Founder of HBFit and global Adidas ambassador, Hannah Bronfman aims to inspire followers with her posts about fitness, beauty, self-care, and healthy eating. She recently published a book that details her incredible journey to wellness. It also explains how she created a community of people with the common goal of embracing their bodies and feeling good.


A stigma exists around mental health, or seeking therapy to improve your condition. Black Female Therapists work to put a stop to this, while simultaneously educating black people about mental health and the available therapies. They constantly post resources, books, Q & A’s, products, and natural remedies that help improve your mental state.


“We examine the liberating power of naps.” Rest is such an important part of recovery and you can’t function properly without it. The Nap Ministry aims to highlight the importance of rest because sleep deprivation is both a social and racial issue. Tricia Hersey, founder of The Nap Ministry, believes that rest is a form of resistance, and it “…is a radical tool for community healing.”


“Creating space, community, conversations and change for diversity in wellness,” Dive In Well offers online resources and tools to empower all who seek to improve their wellness. Maryam Ajayi, founder of Dive In Well, energy healer, and entrepreneur, recently re-launched and company in an effort to offer more digital workshops, resources, and consulting about self-care and affordable health solutions.

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