3 DIY Body Butter Recipes For Smoother Skin

3 DIY Body Butter Recipes For Smoother Skin

Body butters are nutrient dense creams that work to moisturize, nourish, and hydrate the skin. Depending on the ingredients in the body butter, you may experience different benefits after continued application. Some body butters focus on reducing wrinkles or fine lines, while others help to soothe eczema, sunburn, or other skin irritations. 

The problem with commercial body butters is that they contain a lot of chemicals, which are not conducive to optimal skin health. In fact, the skin can absorb those chemicals, whereby they enter the bloodstream and cause internal damage. Making your own body butters with natural ingredients allows you to use them worry-free. In fact, many DIY body butters can benefit your skin in the following ways.

Protect Dry Patches

Whether you have eczema or dry patches on your skin, use body butters to help lock in moisture and reduce dryness. If you are at work or out all day, keep a small container of body butter with you to reapply to the affected areas. Note that problem areas may need a second layer for optimal nourishment and protection. Dry knees, elbows, or knuckles constantly bend and need a lot of love, so make sure to massage the body butter into those areas. Don’t be afraid to reapply, especially if you suffer from excessive dryness. 

Nourish Your Feet

Your feet take a beating every day, especially if you’re on your feet at work. Whether you walk around barefoot, wear shoes all day, or your feet are dry from a day at the beach, massage them with body butter at night for optimal moisture. Additionally, most body butters contain shea butter, which helps protect you from cracked heels and dryness. If you really want supple feet, apply the body butter liberally at night, put your socks on, and wear them while you sleep. You won’t believe how soft your feet are when you wake up the next morning.

Shaving Cream Replacement

Some people have an issue with shaving cream, and we’re not judging. Why use something that you don’t like when you can use a DIY body butter that moisturizes and protects your skin as you shave. You may even find that you get a smoother, cleaner shave when you use the body butter in place of the shaving cream. 

Sunburn Relief

The sun can take a toll on your skin, and you may end up with pink, itchy skin after too much fun in the sun. One of the best post-sun exposure remedies is to apply body butter on the affected area. Most body butters provide a cooling sensation, especially if they contain tea tree, peppermint, or eucalyptus essential oils. Sunburnt skin is stripped of moisture, and using a body butter can help replenish that moisture, soothe inflammation, and accelerate recovery time. 

The following body butters provide nourishment to your skin, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll love them. 

DIY Whipped Body Butter

Say hello to softer skin when you use this DIY body butter every day. You can get experimental and fragrant with your own essential oils. 

Click here to make the body butter. 

DIY Fresh Citrus Body Butter

Feel confident about your skin when you apply this citrus body butter. It helps to hydrate your skin and support healthy skin tone.

Click here to make the body butter. 

DIY Lavender Body Butter

Keeping your skin hydrated and youthful during the dryer winter months can be hard, unless you have this DIY lavender butter.

Click here to make the body butter.



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