3 Health Benefits of Turmeric

3 Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a classic spice used in Indian cuisine. It gives dishes a beautiful orange tint, but if you have only used turmeric as a curry spice, your life is about to change. This tasty spice is not just meant for curry. Turmeric is an amazing superfood, which has a host of health benefits that are almost too good to be true.

Much like any spice or herb, turmeric has the most benefits when it is fresh. It looks a little like ginger root, but is smaller and you can see the orange root through the thin skin. Store turmeric in a closed jar in a dark cupboard and try to use it within several months. You can always buy turmeric powder because it is great to have in your spice cupboard.

Forget Me Not

Studies have shown that turmeric may help reverse the symptoms of debilitative Alzheimer’s disease. This is primarily due to turmeric’s powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and lipophilic properties. Turmeric also contains beta-amyloid plaques, which help to improve cognitive function, while delaying neuron degradation, in Alzheimer’s patients. India, where turmeric is regularly consumed, has some of the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s in the world.

Tummy Troubles Be Gone

When it comes to stomach troubles, turmeric should be one of your go-to natural remedies. Turmeric can help to naturally soothe indigestion or dyspepsia, but it can also help to provide relief from ulcerative colitis, due to its ability to suppress stomach acid. This condition’s symptoms can come and go, but turmeric helps to minimize them or keep them at bay.

Joint Pain Relief

Turmeric can help to naturally relieve joint pain or nerve pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. If you have inflamed joints or excess inflammation in the body, you should regularly consume turmeric. It also helps to boost your immune system. Some studies have even shown that it is a beneficial ingredient to help those with arthritis because it blocks inflammatory pathways.

How to Use Turmeric

After knowing all that turmeric is good for, it is important to know how to use it. You can use turmeric to make some great herbal remedies or add it to different recipes.

  • Try this turmeric lemonade!
  • Roast some cauliflower with tomatoes and season them with turmeric, black pepper, and sea salt for a flavorful veggie side dish.
  • If you are making curry of any kind, you need to use turmeric. End of story.
  • Turmeric is an excellent spice for bringing out the natural flavors of squash, especially butternut or spaghetti varieties.
  • Try this turmeric smoothie that has mangos in it!
  • Drink a turmeric detox elixir in the morning to start your day off right.



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