3 Ingredient Lip Balm To Avoid Chapped Lips

3 Ingredient Lip Balm To Avoid Chapped Lips

When people leave the house, they check pockets or purses and bags for their keys, wallet, phone, and lip balms and chapsticks. Well, now they also have to check for masks because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s safe to assume say that people own multiple tubes or tins of lip balm because chapped or dry lips are all too common. What easier way to quickly remedy the problem than by coating your lips with a moisturizing layer of hydrating ingredients?

The Benefits Of Lip Balm

Some lip balms are more beneficial than others because of the ingredients. What if you could make a lip balm with three simple ingredients? Rather than spending money on lip balms at grocery store check stands, buy a few ingredients that you can easily transform into your own lip balm time and time again. The ingredients you’ll need for the recipe in this article are beeswax, coconut oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of lip balm and why you should make your own. 

Let Your Skin Heal Faster

One of the primary benefits of lip balm is that it offers faster healing if you suffer from dry or chapped lips. The reason that your lips chap easily is because the skin is thinner on the lips than it is on the face. This causes the skin to dry out much more quickly, resulting in unattractive and mildly embarrassing chapped lips. Lip balm works to hydrate your lips so you can avoid cracking or peeling skin on the lips. 

SPF Protection

More often than not, lip balms contain some mild SPF protection, which helps to protect your lips from ultraviolet rays. The lips can easily burn in the sun, so applying a lip balm can help you avoid sunburn. When the lips burn, peeling or chapped lips are quick to arrive. The lip balm recipe in this article contains coconut oil, which helps protect your skin from UV radiation.

More Youthful And Plump

If you want plump and healthy lips, look no further than a great lip balm. When the skin on your lips is regularly dry, it lacks the necessary moisture it needs for optimal collagen production. Collagen is necessary for healthy skin and plump lips that look youthful. Additionally, regularly applying lip balm hydrates your lips to give them a suppler appearance. You’ll be photo-ready in no time!

The reason we like using natural ingredients is because you get the benefits straight from the source. There are no other chemicals, fragrances, dyes, or artificial ingredients that inhibit the absorption of essential nutrients from the main ingredients. Allow your body to absorb the emollient properties of beeswax and coconut oil without anything else getting in the way. In case you are unaware, emollients are moisturizers that help the skin retain moisture by protecting the outer layer of skin. Since lips lose moisture rapidly, it’s beneficial to use emollients on the lips. See the recipe for a DIY lip balm below. 

DIY Lip Balm


  • 3 tablespoons virgin coconut oil
  • 5 tablespoons beeswax
  • 12 drops eucalyptus essential oil


  • Pour two inches of water into a medium-sized saucepan and place over medium heat. 
  • Put the coconut oil and beeswax in a heat-safe glass measuring cup with a pour spout. Place this in the saucepan and allow the oil and beeswax to melt. 
  • If the water starts to boil, reduce it to a low flame and simmer until thoroughly melted. Use a wooden utensil to stir the melted oil and beeswax. 
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat and drop in the essential oil to the oil mixture. Stir gently before pouring this mixture into two-ounce tin containers. 
  • Allow the mixture to set (roughly 10 minutes or so) before screwing on the tops. 
  • Use whenever you feel that your lips are dry or chapped. 



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