3 Morning Habits To Set Your Days Up For Success

3 Morning Habits To Set Your Days Up For Success

Ahhh…the morning routine. People have their own variations, and while some of them may seem unconventional, they eventually lead to getting out of the house to start the day. Some people enjoy waking up two hours before the departure time, going on a run, showering, making breakfast, and reading the paper. Others like to sleep in to the last minute, throw on clothes that may be slightly dirty, and get out of the house within 10 minutes.

Not everybody is a morning person, but there are good habits to form to make your mornings a little easier. The reason you should have a healthy start to your day is because every morning is the foundation, upon which the rest of your day is built. For example, eating a healthy breakfast helps improve your focus and can increase productivity throughout the day.

Now, creating these morning habits for better days is easy to talk about. How do you put your words into actions? To help you out, we have three things you can do every morning to make your days a little bit easier.

#1: Invigorate

This one may be difficult for some people at first, but it definitely pays off. Doing some physical activity every morning gets the juices flowing, providing a natural energy boost. You can do yoga, take a walk, bicycle, or do an at-home workout routine. If you can’t bring yourself to exercise in the morning, try meditating to help you be in the moment and roll with whatever the day brings. If you’re really eager, meditate and exercise!

#2: Avoid Screens

Whether you scroll through the many happenings on social media, check your email, squeeze in an episode of your new favorite show, or watch the news to keep track of time, try to start your days without screens. You waste so much time looking at screens in the morning, plus it doesn’t set you up for a positive day. Time out your morning and see how much of that time you spend looking at a screen.

#3: Organize

This is hard to do in the morning. Rather than rushing around to make breakfast, take a shower, prep your lunch, or do a last minute work assignment, do these things at night. If you do all of these things the night before, you’ll have more time to enjoy the morning; maybe you can use that time to exercise, you know, like we talked about in tip #1.



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