3 Reasons Why Social Support Is Necessary For Weight Loss

3 Reasons Why Social Support Is Necessary For Weight Loss

Finding a social support system for your weight loss endeavors is just as important as eating clean and exercising regularly. It’s easier to adhere to your plan when you feel supported, be it from family in a different state or a workout partner. A support team can continue to inspire you throughout your journey, and there are many more positives associated with social support. 

Research on the connection between social support and weight loss/weight maintenance is ongoing. Among the existing research, however, it seems that enlisting friends and family in your effort helps a great deal. One study found that people who enrolled in a weight loss program with friends had an easier time keeping the weight off than those who did it on their own. Two-thirds of the participants who enrolled with friends were able to keep their weight off six months after the program concluded. Only one quarter of those who attended on their own achieved the same success. 

Social Support Systems To Try

Before you test different support systems, establish if outside support is necessary for you. For some people, social support is the extra push they need to help achieve weight loss goals. Others prefer to start alone and challenge themselves, potentially seeking support several months into their journey. Should you seek support, friends and family are great sources. These are the people who are most familiar with you and can assist you on your journey. Weight loss programs are also excellent support systems, as they can provide coaching and positivity that you need. You just have to find exactly what app, person, group, or program helps you the most. 

Support Encourages Accountability

When it comes to dieting and working out, support systems can help you stay on course. A friendly reminder to head to the gym or eat a healthier entree while dining out can be an encouraging factor. You are not alone and support systems remind you of that fact. Some people find that having accountability partners, accountabili-buddies if you will, is necessary for reaching their goals. Whether that accountability partner comes in the form of a workout partner, journal, or app, having a system that encourages accountability helps you progress towards your goals

Keep The Motivation Alive

When the motivation dies, you start to fall off your program. The reality is that weight loss may not happen in a linear fashion, making it easy to doubt your efforts. You may lose two pounds one week and gain one back the next. When you feel discouraged, having a support system in your corner can keep the motivation alive. When you have support, you don’t feel alone, and nobody should feel alone on their health journey. A 2016 study monitored adolescent women on their weight loss journey. The group who relied on encouragement from friends and family was more successful at meeting their goals than the group with no support system. 

You May Learn New Things

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you may lose a couple pounds and gain some back during your weight loss journey. When setbacks occur, having a support system can help you overcome them. Additionally, if you have a workout partner or belong to a weight loss community program, someone else may be able to shed light on how to overcome the situation. The more people who can provide solutions to get you over the hurdle, the better. Think of this as problem-solving as a group! Apps and digital programs may have forums that provide tips or tricks that help you make the most of your weight loss journey.

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