4 Effective One-Ingredient Beauty Masks For Lazy DIYers

4 Effective One-Ingredient Beauty Masks For Lazy DIYers

There are certain DIY enthusiasts that lunge at the opportunity to make all sorts of beauty and cleaning products. From shampoos and detergents to toothpastes and facial masks, the DIY world can be quite extensive. There are people who only want to tiptoe in the DIY waters, though, making one or two simple recipes. If you fall into that group, the one-ingredient masks in this article are for you.

Whether you have dry, oily, or great skin, there are one-ingredient face masks that benefit all skin types. They are quite gentle, making them great for anyone who has sensitive skin. One of the greatest parts is that there is minimal prep time. No double boilers, melting wax, infusing oils, or purchasing rare butters. In fact, it’s safe to assume that you probably have a few of these ingredients in your house already. 

The world of DIY can be very simple. It doesn’t mean that you have to search far and wide for rare herbs or head into the forest for forbidden sap. The following one-ingredient beauty masks epitomize simplicity, and the best part is that they all benefit the skin.

Manuka Honey

Raw, organic unfiltered honey is beneficial for the skin as it is a natural humectant. That means that it attracts moisture to the skin and helps to keep it there. The best honey to use topically on the skin is Manuka honey, which comes from the Manuka tree. Native to New Zealand and eastern Australia, the Manuka tree produces small flowers and the honey that bees make from it can do wonders for the skin. When you apply Manuka honey to the skin, it draws water molecules into the stratum corneum, the top layer of the skin. If you notice that dry flakes start to accumulate on the skin, lather a thin layer of Manuka honey on your face and leave it on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.


Before you open a random yogurt container, it’s best to choose plain, full-fat Greek yogurt for best results. This type of yogurt is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, including lactic acid, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lactic acid is also a chemical exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells and contributes to a brighter complexion. Full-fat Greek yogurt also contains B-complex vitamins, including B5, which helps to nourish the skin. Yogurt is also rich in probiotics that help enhance the skin’s microbiome. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a soothing ingredient that you can easily apply to the skin. Mainstream beauty companies love aloe and you can commonly find it in many skin care products. Most people resort to aloe after experiencing a bad sunburn, but you can easily whip up a face mask with aloe. If you desire, you can incorporate other ingredients from your kitchen to enhance the benefits, but that is completely optional. Purchase 100% pure aloe juice at the store or use a fresh aloe plant if you have access to one. Aloe vera exhibits lots of antibacterial properties and helps accelerate wound healing, which is great for anyone dealing with acne. Apply aloe juice or gel to your skin and rinse with warm water after 10 minutes. 

Colloidal Oats

We do owe you an apology because this beauty mask contains two ingredients. You have to add purified water to the colloidal oats in order to form a paste that you can apply to the skin. Please forgive us! Due to the high antioxidant content, colloidal oats exhibit significant anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal oats contain avenanthramides, which are a group of phenolic alkaloids that are particularly beneficial for reducing itchiness and inflamed skin. If you experience irritated skin, mix enough water with colloidal oats to form a paste and apply it to the skin. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. 

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