4 Tips For Creating A Safer At Home Cinco de Mayo Party

4 Tips For Creating A Safer At Home Cinco de Mayo Party

Cinco de Mayo has come to represent a day of overindulgent drinking and sharing great food with friends. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic and safer at home laws prevent people from going out together for Cinco de Mayo this year. That’s no reason to give up on the festivities, though! It is very easy to get into the spirit and celebrate from your home.

This is one of the greatest times in history to have stay at home orders in place. Modern technology has made it possible to communicate with people, work from home, and virtually be in the same place together. That means that you can use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp to video chat with friends and celebrate.

What Is Cinco de Mayo, Really?

On May 5th, 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French army in the town of Puebla. The French Emperor, Napoleon III, aimed to establish a French satellite state in Mexico. Needless to say, the Mexican President, Benito Juárez, resisted this plan and Mexican forces blocked the French advance. Sadly, the French returned with more forces and captured Puebla. Mexicans retook the city in April 1867. The original victory celebrated Mexican freedom and culture, but it is not Mexico’s Independence Day, which annually occurs on September 16th. That holiday is the anniversary of Grito de Dolores, a speech and battle cry that was uttered by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Roman Catholic priest, in 1810. This speech inspired a movement that freed Mexico from Spanish rule.

How To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo At Home

Make Some Tasty Recipes:

You don’t have to sacrifice the urge to consume delicious Mexican food just because you can’t leave the house. Find your favorite recipes and create a fragrant, vibrantly colored Cinco de Mayo spread at home. Try to make a new salsa recipe, pickle some red onions, or use your Instant Pot to make tortilla soup. The possibilities are endless!

Support Your Favorite Local Mexican Restaurant From Afar:

During these strange times, it is crucial to support local businesses if you have the means to do so. If you don’t enjoy cooking or don’t want to cook, order takeout from your favorite local Mexican restaurant. Supporting the local restaurant industry helps servers, bartenders, and cooks keep their jobs.

Have A Virtual Fiesta:

Fire up Zoom because it’s time for a virtual fiesta! Bring the good times into your home by having a Zoom call with family members and friends. Some websites offer free Cinco de Mayo Zoom backgrounds, which help make your party festive and colorful. You can host a virtual happy hour or have a cook off, which requires every person to use the same ingredient. Alternatively, you can all make the same recipes to enjoy the same bites together, but from a distance.

Get Festive…It’s Okay:

It’s safe to say that most people have been cooped up inside for quite a while. You can still be festive, even if you don’t go out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Bring the festive flair inside your home, dressing colorfully and putting up DIY decorations like banners, streamers, or anything else you have in mind. If you don’t pride yourself in your decorating abilities, use a virtual background via Zoom to get into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo festivities.