5 Amazing And Unique Ways To Use The Banana Peel

5 Amazing And Unique Ways To Use The Banana Peel

The banana peel may seem like an odd thing to write an article about. Most people are used to throwing them away or watching cartoon characters slip on them. We are certain that most people know the benefits of bananas, but we want to familiarize you with the health benefits of the peel.

Some of the uses of the banana peel may seem unconventional, but we assure you that they are better and healthier than using chemical treatments. See why we are so excited about banana peels in the following uses. For all of these remedies, make sure you use the inside of the banana peel.

Bye Bye Pimples

Massaging a banana peel on your acne can help decrease the inflammation and reduce redness. Banana peels contain zinc, manganese, iron, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, all of which are good for you skin. Make sure to use a yellow peel with a few brown spots.

Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

In conjunction with coconut oil, banana peel can help relieve muscle or joint pain. Massage coconut oil onto the affected area, and then massage with the banana peel as well. Leave the banana peel on the painful area for 30 minutes and pain should decrease.

Removes Warts

This is one of the simplest remedies of the banana peel. Because of the anti-inflammatory and pH balancing properties, the banana peel helps to remove warts and prevent new ones. Rub the peel on the wart(s) and tie a piece of the peel on to leave overnight.

Natural Teeth Whitener

One of the easiest ways to naturally whiten your teeth is to rub a banana peel on them. Teeth whitening can cost a lot of money, so save that money and rub a banana peel on your teeth for one minute every day. Do this for a week to see results.

UV Protection

The banana peel can actually help protect your skin from UV rays. Funny enough, the peel is more beneficial if you leave it in the sun for about 30 minutes. Rub it on your eyelids, since they are sensitive to UV rays, to protect them from the sun.