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5 Benefits Of Echinacea: From Combatting Cancer To Immune Support

Echinacea is almost synonymous with the common cold. It is a powerful, world-renowned, immune-boosting herb that benefits bodily health unlike most plants in existence. The Native Americans used it for centuries to remedy various illnesses, and now it is regularly prescribed to treat pain, reduce inflammation, get rid of migraines, and remedy the common cold or flu. Now you see why everyone loves it so much!

What Is Echinacea?

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, there are nine known species of Echinacea, all of which are native to North America. Of these nine species, only three are used in herbal supplements: Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea pallida, and Echinacea purpurea. Extracts, teas, capsules, tablets, and tinctures are created from the roots and aboveground parts of the plant. In fact, medical experts held Echinacea in high regard before the introduction of antibiotics in 1950. Antibiotics became all the rage and medicine shifted away from herbal remedies. People did not forget about Echinacea, though, and these health benefits prove that.

Health Benefits Of Echinacea

Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to defend itself from foreign invaders, but inflammation can last longer than necessary. If there is chronic inflammation in the body, the risk of developing chronic diseases increases. Several studies have identified the anti-inflammatory properties of Echinacea. One 30-day study found that adults, who had osteoarthritis, experienced reduced inflammation, pain, and swelling after taking daily Echinacea supplements. Additionally, the same adults did not respond positively to non-steroidal inflammatory drugs.

Immune Booster:

A meta-analysis published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal evaluated Echinacea from 14 studies. The results were that Echinacea reduces the risk of catching a common cold by 58%, and that it reduces the duration of the common cold by about one and a half days. Other studies found that the dosage of Echinacea can influence the immune system. Ten milligrams of Echinacea per one kilogram of body weight, taken over a 10-day period, helps to boost immunity.

Anxiety Relief:

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in the United States, affecting about one in every five American adults. Within recent years, people have started to use Echinacea for anxiety relief. Research has discovered that Echinacea contains alkamides, rosmarinic acid, and caffeic acid, all of which help reduce anxious feelings. Initial research is promising, but more research is needed to confirm the positive effects of Echinacea on anxiety.

Cancer Fighter:

Did you know that Echinacea is currently used as an alternative cancer treatment? The recommendation is to take it alongside, or in place of, conventional therapy. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) published a study that examined the effects of Echinacea on brain cancer. The results indicated that Echinacea’s phytochemicals might be valuable in the quest to combat tumors. This research has sparked more interest in the power of phytochemicals from other plants and herbs.

Fights Infection:

As you’ve gathered by now, Echinacea is a very powerful herb. Several studies found that it is beneficial for a variety of infections, especially infections that relate to skin issues. Groups of women found that Echinacea was 16% more effective at fighting recurring vaginal infections than taking medicine. Echinacea may also help remedy malaria, syphilis, gum disease, bloodstream infections, and vaginal yeast infections.




Related Questions

  • Q: Formula #2 contains Echinacea, which supposedly will cause havoc to my rheumatoid arthritis. Is there anything I can substitute? I have not opened the bottle. I have taken all of the viral formula except #2


    Just select a Dherbs product that you feel you need (visit on-line store) and which doesn't contain Echinacea. Take this instead of Formula #2.

  • Q: I am taking more than 20-30 herbal supplements a day and am wondering if it's okay to mix or take all of them at the same time. Here's an example of some I am taking: Burdock, Yellow Dock, Sarsaparilla, Kelp, Licorice Root, Oregon Grape Root, Red Clover, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Calcium, Magnesium, 50 Chlorella tablets 200mg, 10 500mg Spirulina capsules elderberry, echinacea, goldenseal, vitamin e, gotu kola, american ginseng guarana, dong quai, guggulipid, red yeast rice, hoodia, dandelion, cod liver oil, neptune krill oil, acai, psyllium husks, apple pectin, oat bran chromium picolinate, wormwood, damiana, st johns wort, 5-htp and pycnogenol not to mention others. They are mostly in gelatin capsules. I am concerned that too much gelatin is bad for me too!


    You are overloading your body! Spread those supplements out throughout your day. Take 6 of them at a time every 3 hours or so. This is best for your body!

    For example:
    7 a.m.
    Yellow Dock
    Licorice Root
    Oregon Grape Root
    10 a.m.
    Red Clover

    1 p.m.
    50 Chlorella tablets 200mg
    10 500mg Spirulina capsules
    vitamin e

    4 p.m.
    gotu kola
    american ginseng
    dong quai
    red yeast rice

    7 p.m.
    cod liver oil
    neptune krill oil
    psyllium husks
    Before bedtime
    apple pectin
    oat bran
    chromium picolinate
    st johns wort

    We do not reccomend Gelatin capsules. Gelatin capsules are hard to digest in the body, which is why we offer vegetarian capsules.

  • Q: Hi, I wanted to know if I took the full body cleanse and or the anti viral formula or kit if it will affect my lupus I know that some of the herbs that are in the formulas kits they say that someone with lupus should not take. ex: Echinacea, etc Will these formula activate or aggravate my lupus.

    A: We suggest doing a series of cleanses to help assist with lupus.

    We recommend starting off with the Full Body Cleanse first to eliminate toxins and waste from your body.  In doing the cleanse, you’re detoxing all of your major organs helping your body to function and perform the way it should.   Your body is more receptive to healing when your overall health is in a better state.  Once you complete the cleanse move on to the Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen to specifically help aid the conditions of lupus.  Move on to the Electric Green Combo Regimen to help bring recovery to your immune system.  All the cleanses should be done back to back.

  • Q: The product label talks in terms of children's needs. The directions say "1 to 2 drops" as needed. What about adults? How many drops under the tongue or in water and how many times per day? Is it okay to take it every day even though it has Echinacea?


    You can double up the children's dosage for yourself as an adult and yes, you can take it every day despite the Echinacea

  • Q: I've come to your website many times in the past few days and I would like to start ordering some products to begin detoxing my body and to rid my system of the herpes simplex virus and any other std that may be lingering within. I was diagnosed with this virus on 12/5, but since then I have been given amoxicillin by the doctor. After doing some research, I bought some Olive Leaf Extract, L-Lysine and Echinacea with goldenseal. I feel a lot better, especially since I began to stop eating certain foods, like cheese, pork, peanuts and chocolate. I've also been maintaining a positive attitude and believing that I will be free of this virus. I am extremely interested in starting a cleansing ritual beginning at the end of the month, but at current, I would just like to begin with a supplement you would recommend to cleanse my blood, my genital and vaginal area. Your recommendations will be deeply appreciated.


    If I had to recommend one product before your Anti-Viral Kit for you, it would be Dherbs STD-RID formula.

  • Q: Like you in regards to HIV/AIDS I believe that with alternative medicines that the body can be assisted in healing itself. I am HIV positive and nurturing myself with 10,000 mg of Vitamin C, 25,000 Vitamin A, and 2 table spoon of Poke Root, Aloe Vera, Echinacea and Golden Seal a day. I am considering purchasing and using your Full Body Detox & Anti Viral Kit as prescribe - my question is what results could I expect with your program? And if the virus can be eradicated from the blood what is the time frame?


    With your frame of mind and coupled with what you are already doing, you could expect PROFOUND results, Beloved! Give them a try! You won't regret it!

  • Q: I found this health article on the risk of getting cancer from working at night. I'm a night worker. have been for 16 yrs, and my sleeping and eating patterns haven?t been the same since. The article mentions taking melatonin...is that safe and effective? Also do you have any herbal cures for us night timers to reverse the effects of working the graveyard shift? I can sure use them?


    Cancer stems from a host of things, not just one thing like working at night. Disease results from negative thoughts/mindset, negative attitude, poor diet; insalubrious lifestyle, and insalubrious environment. You don't need to take melatonin. Your body (pineal gland) produces it. As a night worker, just make sure when you are sleeping in the day time your room is completely dark, just like how Dracula used to sleep in the darkness of his coffin during the daylight hours. This is why Dracula was a thousand years old but looked young. He slept during the day (which produces melatonin which is an anti-aging hormone) and he operated at night whereby he also produced melatonin. Dude never aged! You do the same, just don't suck on no necks to get blood though -- LOL!!!! And no! There are no herbs to reverse anything that comes from actions or behaviors that are unnatural. You reverse the effects of night-time work by doing the opposite. In your case, it's your job (which you don't want to quit unless you can find another one), so you just get some good sleep during the day in pitch darkness.

  • Q: I have a good dentist, that cares much about the health and service of her patients. The only thing is that, it's their practice that before they can do anything on you (ex. fill cavities, root canal or anything) you have to take antibiotics an hour before the appointment. This is for prevention of any infections during, or after the procedure. I read the article about antibiotics, and know how harmful it is for your body. I am soon going need to have an implant procedure done. I want to know if there is an alternative to antibiotics or something I can take to be ready for the surgery in oppose to taking the antibiotics for prevention of infections?


    Most people opt for the antibiotics, and then after the dental work just consume carbon (activated charcoal). Antibiotics options would include Echinacea-Goldenseal extract, and Candida Buster formula which is 100% anti-biotical in nature. These products are all available in our store. Peace and Love!

    Product Links:
    Astragulus-Goldenseal-Echinacea Extract
    Candida Buster

  • Q: What would be the best product to use for non-stop bacterial and fungus infections in the vaginal area? I'm not interested in your total detox programs because I am a vegetarian and my stomach cannot handle it. I develop loose stools very easily. I am just trying to get good vaginal health, and get rid of antibiotics that have been disrupting my system.


    Please Read: â€BACTERIOR VAGINOSISâ€

  • Q: Hi, I have been suffering from a dull pain the testicular area for over 2 years now. I have seen 2 urologists that have confirmed that I have enterococcus bacteria in either the prostate of genital area based on semen culture. I have also done testicle ultrasound and CAT scan of the area with good results. One of the urologist said that I have an inflamed prostate (prostitis) there was some varicose veins when ultra sound was done but the urologist continues to give me long term antibiotics. Some my symptoms have been dull pain in the testicular area when I need to have a bowel movement. low energy, moody, memory loss, irritable, confused, brain fog etc. I use to have a health sex drive but now my sex drive is really low. A bit of erectile dysfunction but I think that comes more from having the pain all the time and anxiety. I don't know if this is possible but my penis seems to have reduced in size when erect. The doctor ask me to try some cialis for the ED which I did for a short while but decided I needed something natural because of the long term problems of using those medications. I have had long periods of stress from a bitter business relationship about 2 years ago. My concern is that every time I go to the urologist all they want to do it give me antibiotics and that doesn't seem to be working. I am concern of the other organ damage caused by taking long term antibiotics. Is there an alternative you recommend? I have been looking at your Anti- virus treatment. I am 30 years old.


    I would suggest you perform the FULL BODY DETOXfollowed by the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE. Read some of our free health articles too on male reproductive health. Healing begins with knowledge!

  • Q: My darling partner has a prostate problems, hypertension and diabetes these health issues plus a daily neck pain and bodily pain which moves around. His bowel movements are good being 3 times daily and water intake approx. 1.5 to 2 liters per day. He takes 100mg coenzymes Qq10 twice daily, cod liver oil and various other supplements inc. alpha lipoic acid to help prevent nerve damage repair. So far he seems to be managing the ill health without taking toxic drugs. However he stills gets toe pains. I would like his health to be restored. Can you please help me?


    We would recommend your partner try our 20-Day Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse is a safe and effective 20-day herbal-based Cleanse that helps you work toward ensuring that your entire body is functioning at an optimal level: your immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, organs, vessels, and more.

    Once he completes the cleanse, he should take these formulas: Nerves Formula, Headache & Pain Formula, and MSM Sulfur.


  • Q: I have been battling endometriosis for several decades now and I hadn’t really found relief until I began educating myself and prescribing my own remedies…. conventional medicine seemed to be unable to help, save for surgery which only helped for a few months. I have recently experienced relief after learning to (avoid estrogenic foods, get rid of chemicals (perfumes, cleaning agents, sprays…), discontinuing relaxers and cosmetics, using natural deodorants, eating organic, eating raw foods, taking kosher supplements/vitamins that are bio-ready, refraining from sugar, drinking water, and so on…) …after a LOT of research and trial and error, I am beginning to feel better, though the progress comes at very slow intervals. My question to you is…how might I help the body clean the endometrial debris that may have attached itself in various places in the uterine area?



  • Q: Hello, I am having some serious issues here. I have a history of depression/anxiety and female problems. About a month ago I had my second miscarriage and after that it seems like my health just went downhill. I was having severe dizziness and headaches and then I started having breathing trouble. The doctors have said it's just bronchitis and my anxiety and that I need to take my meds so I have started back on my antidepressants/anxiety meds. My health doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm having terrible stomach problems, no appetite, and my nerves are killing me. I'm also having muscle aches in my arms and legs and I'm having back and chest pains, please help me with some kind of advice. I've read through some of your articles but I'm still confused about what to do?


    When you feel like this it's a sign that you need to reboot your system (body) and you do this by Detoxing your body and eating a healthy diet in addition to positive thinking. Start with our FULL BODY DETOX followed by our TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. Drink our ENERGY TEA while doing your cleanses. You'll bounce back, Beloved.

  • Q: I am looking for a herbal remedy for leukemia, cancer. just found out my father was diagnosed and need some advice. can you assist me?


    Have him first perform the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the 10-DAY ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD CLEANSE. The cleanses and a raw foods diet full of vegetable juice will greatly assist him. You might even want to schedule a consultation in this matter, Also, read our "CANCER: CAUSES AND REMEDIES" article too as it is full of sound information.

  • Q: Hey herbalist, so I have been doing a lot of research on caffeine, and the benefits and harms of it. I am looking for some added information about the differences between the caffeine found naturally in coffee or tea, and the kind found in pure caffeine pills. I have heard that the pills are much more harmful, but have not been able to find proof of why. With the exception of "its made in a lab, therefore it must be worse". If you could shed some light on the matter, I would greatly appreciate it! Just one more question. I have read that caffeine blocks the re-uptake of glutamate. This can cause glutamate toxicity (resulting in dead brain cells), but I am skeptical as to how often this occurs. Will that happen if one takes just 200-mg of caffeine? Is it for the chronic caffeine users who drink 6 cups of coffee a day for 10 years? Thanks so much for your time and effort! looking forward to some knowledge!


    Nature does not make caffeine or any substance in mono-structured form, including caffeine. Caffeine consumed by itself is harmful (a la caffeine pills -- nature does not produce caffeine pills). Caffeine pills are INORGANIC and thus not absorbed by the body (the cells). Bio-caffeiene from plant sources is ORGANIC and thus absorbable. Organic substances can be absorbed through the cells. Inorganic substances cannot. Inorganic caffeine blocks reuptake of glutamate, and that's another reason why synthetic caffeine is harmful. Organic caffeine does not block reuptake of glutamate.

  • Q: I have a myriad of health problems due to, I believe, excessive masturbation. Ailments include: Low hanging reddish testicles (at times) Epididymitis Pain and inflammation of the vas deferens Pain and "it seems" mild inflammation in the lower abdominal. Pre-mature ejaculation (I masturbate only once a month) could this be too much if my body is destroyed? At the onset I had penis shrinkage, and seminal discharge or oozing. Constant urination, dripping, pressure in the pelvis and/or bladder. I have tried a bunch of products but none have worked. Dr. Lin's herbal formulas for 8 months. Acupuncture with 4 different people. Chinese herbs with 2 of them. Ginseng tonic formulas. They are all expensive and I am having trouble affording everything. Life is hard enough without this type of problem. I need to avoid being ripped off. I would appreciate any feedback and/or correspondence.


    We would recommend that you perform our Full Body Cleanse, then follow that up with our Male Cleanse. These cleanses help to provide essential nutrients conducive to male sexual reproductive health.

    After you finish the cleanses, go with Male Hormonal Formula, Prostate Formula and Male Health Tea to continue to maintain the wellness of your testicles, penis, and prostage gland.

    And more importantly, give masturbating a break for a while.

    Also, soak in hot water and 2-3 boxes of sea salt daily.

  • Q: I am prone to yeast infections, from mild to heavy, even sex... My doctor said that before and after periods, my immune system gets a little off balance and that?s how I get them....How do I stop them? Also, since I was a kid, I've always had a horrific gas problem, pains get so intense that I?m on the floor in tears...it never goes away no matter what I eat....any cure out there?


    Yeast infections can often result from excessive SUGAR in the diet and imbalance of flora (bacteria). We recommend you perform the Full Body Cleanse, followed by our Female Cleanse.

    As a maintenance regimen after the cleanses above, we suggest you take 3 capsules daily of Candida Normalizer, Sugar Control, and Bowel Motion.

  • Q: I am a 29 year old African American female. I would like to tell you my story and get your advice. Before Sept. 28, 2008 I was a healthy fun loving female but after sept. 28th my health has not been the same. I wake up in the morning weak with nausea and headaches. I went to Kaiser and they said I had a virus and I had to let it take its course. I work with kids and it was hard for me to go back to work because 1. I kept getting sick. 2. My boss was mad that I was sick and not able to work. So I went back to Kaiser and then they said I was sick and had a virus with a mix of anxiety(due to my boss going crazy on me). They said I need to rest and stop being anxious, so I can heal.(well the anxiety is gone) Next I started to get sharp pains in my stomach area(which I have had before on and off for the past couple of years but it would only happen like once or twice a year) but I was scared because the pains we're very sharp and happening like two weeks apart. So Kaiser told me to go see a Upper GI Dr. I went to see one and had an endoscopy done and they found a yeast infection in my throat and that also my esophagus was irritated to but my stomach looked fine. So they put me on Prontiox (for the irritated esophagus and Difucan (for the yeast infection). Well as soon as I finished the medication for the yeast infection in my esophagus, I lost my voice and could not talk for 4-5 days and I still have the stomach pains. So the Upper GI dr. told me the sore throat and losing my voice was a side effect to GERD and that is what I may have. So he asked to up the dose of the Prontiox (so now I am taking 80 mg instead of 40 mg a day). But guess what still having stomach pains and my voice still goes in and out and it feels like something is stuck in my throat and now when I eat, I feel food get stuck in my chest like right in the middle of my breast. So what is going on with me...they have done blood work on me from blood count to checking me for STD's (even HIV) and everything came back normal/negative. And they keep saying all my blood work is healthy...So what is going on and what can I take, because I am a natural person and my system is sensitive to a lot of stuff and I don’t like being on these medications. And now the DRs may think I have IBS..Oh boy Help!! And oh yeah I have had very bad cramps when I have my period and take Motrin and I would like to know is there anything I can take that is sensitive to my stomach... HELP


    Beloved, first perform the FULL BODY DETOX. Next, perform TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE, and lastly, perform the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. These kits will repair your system!

  • Q: I have been going through having anxiety now for 1year in 3months and nothing seems to help me live my normal life, which I had. My doctor wants me to keep taking anti depressant but I don't like how they make me feel (try over 5 different ones) plus an anti anxiety medicine. I seen a natural path doctor and before and took a couple different things but it didn't help any. I detox my body twice one with the natural path doctor and the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox.



  • Q: Good Day to you. July 07, I was diagnosed with having the auto-immune disease Myasthenia Gravis. Since then I have had several hospital stays, including a surgery to remove my Thymus Gland...(beleif that this was one cause)and taking many medications, one of which suppresses my immune system, the others include steroids which have terrible side effects...etc. My latest hospital stay, I was placed on the vent and intubated, because of the Myasthenia and an infection that my body couldn't fight off (suppressed immune system) that further complicated the MG restricting my respiratory system. That was a truly scary and painful experience. I am only 32 and I have been searching for a more natural approach to eradicating this Dis-Ease of the body which they say there is no cure. My thoughts are, they are not looking for cures...if they did, that would mean the pharmaceutical companies no longer have reason to continue to poison and make dependent on them those whom they make the medications...which eventually cause other problems...meaning they don't make money if cures are found. The continuous pill taking and side effects are causing more problems than the original diagnosis. Please let me know if any of your products are a possible answer to my prayers. I am desperately seeking...in addition to keeping the faith and staying strong in prayer, a more natural approach to dealing with MG and taking care of my body, the temple of which the creator has kept alive in spite of this potentially dangerous ailment. Thank you in advance for your time.


    You didn't have to have your thymus gland removed. This gland is the seat of the immune system so the doctors removed your natural defense and then gave you toxins which are really exacerbating your situation. I recommend that you perform the FULL BODY DETOX and after performing, take a daily regimen of RAINFOREST TONIC, IMMUNE BOOSTER EXTRACT, KHEMETIAN GOLD, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL and ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD. You can overcome your present health crisis! Just stay strong, focused (on your healing), and POSITIVE! Every problem including with health is an opportunity!!!!!!