5 Black Owned Businesses That Make Face Coverings

5 Black Owned Businesses That Make Face Coverings

For most people, this year has been one of the most challenging years to date. In the midst of a pandemic, large protests against police brutality and racism took place. These gatherings amid a pandemic speak to the urgent demand for change to occur moving forward. If you, like many, have been trying to find different ways to support the black community, you’re in luck. We have great recommendations for black-owned businesses that sell facial coverings, which everyone needs nowadays!

States are reopening, but COVID-19 is far from a thing of the past. In fact, many experts believe that a second, stronger wave is on the horizon. Obviously, states cannot remain closed forever, so facial coverings are necessary in businesses that reopen, and in certain public settings. Facial coverings aren’t going anywhere for a while, so you’re going to need some options. It just so happens that some great black-owned businesses make some of the most stylish, inventive, and eye-catching face masks.

Coronavirus Risk Factor For People Of Color

According to scientific data, the black and Latinx communities are much more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus. There are many contributing factors to this statistic, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Health experts suggest that chronic underlying health conditions, working in essential businesses, reduced vitamin D levels, and inconsistent access to health care all contribute to increased cases of COVID-19 in people of color. 

How Can We Fight Racial Disparity In COVID-19 Pandemic?

There are many things that need to happen in order to counteract the current statistics. Improving employment opportunities and initiating steps to mitigate economic inequality will benefit people of color for future health emergencies. For right now, regular hand washing and wearing facial coverings can help limit the spread of COVID-19. Add some more pizzazz to your face mask game by supporting the following black-owned businesses that sell face masks.

By Keeks With Love

This black-owned Etsy shop is based out of Sebring, Florida. While she sells mugs, journals, jewelry, T-shirts, and other home goods and accessories, she started selling facial coverings to help flatten the curve. All of the facial coverings are sewn by hand, so it can take 10-12 days to get your order, but the designs are well worth the wait.

Carlton Jones

When you purchase items from Carlton Jones, your products are “…combined with a love of fluidity and some of the finest fabrication to touch skin.” He’s been a stylist for Queen Latifah, Halle Barry, Jill Scoot, and Erykah Badu. His color combinations, prints, and fabrics are now available in the form of face masks. Get his beautiful, unique masks today!

Wrapped By Nellz

Wrapped by Nellz is known for its creative and stylish head wraps, but the black-owned company began creating masks in response to the pandemic. In fact, there are mask and head wrap sets that will keep your slay game strong. See which one catches your eye, or buy several so you have options!

Candid Art Accessories

This is a California-based, black-owned Etsy shop that features jewelry, greeting cards, and other handcrafted accessories. The company creates “…one-of-a-kind pieces” that aim to inspire women to “…celebrate their personal space, unleash their creativity, and influence the world.” The company began in 2011 and vivid African patterns and visuals inspire all of its products. Enhance your face mask game and order from this special Etsy shop.

Aloha Glamour

“Aloha Glamour is a lifestyle movement that promotes women loving themselves wholeheartedly.” You can feel stylish while staying safe by selecting a mask that is inspired by colorful African prints. There are even masks that have matching head wraps, hats, and headbands. We challenge you to browse their masks and find one that you don’t like. It’s impossible to not like them!