5 Common Mistakes People Make When Doing A Cleanse

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Doing A Cleanse

The body is perfectly capable of cleansing itself, so long as you consume the right foods, exercise, and get sufficient sleep. Unfortunately, foods in the Standard American Diet, sedentary lifestyles, and inadequate sleep make it harder for the body to cleanse itself. That is why people turn to fasts, juice cleanses, and herbal cleanses to facilitate those processes. 

Take the Full Body Cleanse, for example, which is a 100% herbal-based cleanse that helps hit the reset button on your health. It contains cleansing and nourishing herbs and is accompanied by a raw vegan diet that also aids the cleansing process. Even if you don’t drink or smoke cigarettes, the body is regularly exposed to harmful pathogens, be they from the environment or beauty products. Taking the time to cleanse the body with the aid of a cleanse can help you remain healthy throughout the years.

If you decide to take part in a cleanse, there are certain mistakes that you want to avoid. Many people make mistakes without even realizing them! This article aims to highlight five common mistakes people make when doing or getting ready for a cleanse. Continue reading to learn more about them because we want you to be as successful as possible!

Avoid Hardcore Liver And Gallbladder Flushes

Flushing your gallbladder or liver can put a lot of stress on the body. Hard or strong cleanses, especially if they are quick, that target your liver or gallbladder can induce vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, and fatigue. It is better to nourish these organs with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink herbal teas, including milk thistle, nettle, and dandelion. When these organs receive proper nourishment, they will take care of themselves.

Avoid Laxatives

The reason that you should avoid laxatives is because they can do more harm than good. Teas that promise a flat belly are typically laxatives. Although you may lose a couple pounds, the benefits are only temporary. Plus, laxatives are habit-forming, and you do not want your body to depend on a product or substance to aid bowel elimination. A cleanse may have a formula with bowel-encouraging herbs, but it only lasts for a limited time. After the cleanse, the colon should still be able to contract naturally. Continuing to take laxatives will inhibit the colon’s ability to do that.

Avoid Cleansing During Cold Weather

A lot of people like to cleanse at the start of the New Year for weight loss resolutions. January is cold and cooking food is not permitted when using the Full Body Cleanse, nor is it allowed during a juice cleanse. The body wants to conserve heat in the winter! According to one study, body temperature is lowest in the winter and highest in the summer. That means that the body can better handle the stress of a cleanse in warmer months. When flowers start to bloom in your area, that is a cue to begin your cleanse. 

Avoid The Detox-Retox Hamster Wheel

What this essentially means is that you should not immediately go back to eating the same foods you ate prior to cleansing. If you drink the same juice/soda and eat the same fattening foods that led you to cleanse, you essentially cancel out the cleanse you just completed. The best way to come off a cleanse is to ease back into certain foods. You may find out about sensitivities to certain foods by doing this. If you need help coming off a cleanse, click here

Treat Cleansing As A Lifestyle, Not A One Time Deal

Like any machine, your body works best when you take time to maintain it. If you only cleanse once every five years, the chances that your body will not operate at peak efficiency is very high. Focus on consuming fiber-rich fruits and vegetables because they help to encourage regular bowel movements. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea to help keep your skin clear and kidneys healthy. Regular moderate exercises work to encourage healthy circulation to your organs. Additionally, breaking a sweat encourages lymphatic cleansing, which aids toxin elimination. All of this is to say that one cleanse every so often is not going to fix your health. Develop healthy lifestyle habits and your body will feel better.

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