5 Creative Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

5 Creative Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

There are some people who dislike the beach or hiking in the forest, but the majority of people thrive in nature. It is very common to feel recharged and more relaxed after visiting nature, but it is rare to feel it now that most people live in urban environments. Man-made interiors, synthetic fabrics, and chemical-laden products are part of the modern-day norm, but you can break free from the mold. 

If you, like many others, have a newfound love for the natural world, there are ways to invite more of it inside your home. Some of you are probably familiar with indoor plants or even have some of your own. Maybe you notice a new leaf from a plant you’ve been attending to, or perhaps you observe when certain leaves get too much sun. There’s even a chance that you feel more centered and grounded when you walk barefoot in the grass. 

Invite More Nature Into Your Home

The desire to reconnect with nature has never been stronger. The world is technologically driven, so it makes sense! Incorporating more nature into your home is more than adding a houseplant to your office. You can have an indoor herb garden, purchase natural, tactile texture, and use raw exposed woods for shelving. You can even consider eucalyptus or bamboo sheets for a more eco-friendly, soft touch to the skin. 

We are no stranger to the moss wall or terra-cotta pots, but these things aren’t for everyone. Consider the following tips to help bring nature into your home and let us know which ones you like the best. You may already be doing some of these things!

Check Your Labels For Cotton

One of the easiest things you can start to do is buy 100% cotton clothing. Not only is cotton a more sustainable fabric than synthetic materials, but it is also 100% recyclable and occasionally biodegradable. Cotton shirts, for example, are much more durable, easy to clean, and get more comfortable over time. Beyond the sustainability aspect, cotton is breathable, lightweight, soft, and cozy. Whether you have cozy bed sheets, billowing curtains, or knitted blankets, cotton is a soothing vibe and a great natural fiber to have in your home. 

Create A Beautiful View With Natural Landscape Prints

If the view from your window is a sea of buildings, invite some natural beauty into the room with a dreamy landscape print. According to several studies, looking at green landscapes helps to calm the mind, improve productivity, and relieve stress. Some researchers note that both moss walls and botanical prints bring life to a room. There are even some furniture pieces that are environmentally-rooted! There’s nothing wrong with having a simple desk plant, either!

Become A Plant Parent

When you become a plant parent, you understand the struggles of caring for a plant. If you are new to plants, ask someone which plants are best for indoors and which ones are low-maintenance. Many indoor plants can help improve air quality and reduce stress, all the while providing amazing natural decor. You can get a potted plant for your desk or buy a hanging plant for a shelf. Hanging plants can truly make you feel like you are in a jungle abode! If simple plants are not your cup of tea, consider a garden of microgreens. 

Choose Tactile Textures For A Tranquil Kitchen

Trying to incorporate more of the biophilia trend into your home? Choose sustainably sourced natural materials and furniture that connect you more with the outside world. When planning a kitchen, for example, choose hard materials that exist in the natural world. Contrasting wooden herringbone flooring and a striking marble countertop or backsplash can add calming dynamics and patterns to your home. You’ll find that natural flooring, cork, or bamboo help ground you more than cement flooring does. 

Divide Your Space With A Plant Rail

Hanging plants are great because they grow up and down out of their pots. They can truly transform your space, making it feel like you are in a jungle. A room divider can be as simple as a hanging device, from which you can hang plants. You can use such a divider in your office, bedroom, or dining room. It essentially acts as a wall between two spaces, yet it blends perfectly within the space. Decorating your home with plants means that they’ll release more oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Depending on the type of plant, it may or may not boost your mood and reduce stress levels.

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