5 Health Benefits Of Rose Petals

5 Health Benefits Of Rose Petals

Whoever said roses could only be given to your true love was a liar. Roses have myriad health benefits and have historically been used in fragrances, tonics, or baths to improve skin. Some people argue that roses look as beautiful as their nutrients make you feel. Is that true? We cannot say for certain, but we can say that roses may help reduce stress, improve sexual health, boost your mood, and more

What Is The Rose?

There are over 300 species of roses, which belong to the flowering genus Rosa. While most species are native to Asia, many varieties grow in Europe, northwestern Africa, and North America. Many cultures revere the almighty rose, or the flower holds some significance in the culture. Some people praise roses for their beauty, while others rely on roses to maintain healthy skin. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive benefits below. 

#1: Sore Throat Remedy

One of the most classic preparations of rose petals is to brew them into a tea. In Ayurvedic medicine, rose water was prescribed to help soothe sore throats. The natural antioxidants in rose petals work to enhance immune function. Specifically, the anthocyanins, terpines, and flavonoids benefit respiratory and cardiovascular health, helping you overcome a sore throat. Little scientific research supports this, but many anecdotal reports are in existence. 

#2: Acne Fighter

Do you have some unappealing acne that you want to get rid of? Well, treat yourself to a bouquet of roses so that you can use the petals to fight back against breakouts. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in rose petals help to soothe inflamed skin, redness, or irritated skin. Additionally, rose petals contain phony ethanol, which is an antiseptic compound that fight bacteria on the skin

#3: Stress Reliever

When stress levels are high, you have an increased risk of making poor dietary choices, losing sleep, and having intense mood swings. Statistically, people with higher stress levels are more fatigued and irritable. The Department of Physiology and Pathology/LTF at University of Para ba-Caixa conducted a study on the body’s response to the scent of roses. When test subjects inhaled rose essence, the researchers noticed a sedative effect and a reduction in stress levels. Adding rose petals to your bath is very calming, but you can also put a bowl of hot water with rose petals and a floating tea candle in any room to promote relaxation.

#4: Weight Loss Helper

Believe it or not, a lot of people use rose tea or rosewater to help promote detoxification. Rose petals have chemical compounds that work to eliminate toxins from the body. Roses also have metabolism-boosting properties, meaning that they aid in weight loss. Additionally, rose petals actually satiate your senses, helping you avoid overeating because your body thinks it is full. Simply steep 10-15 fresh rose petals in a cup of hot water and wait until the water turns pink; you can sweeten with a little agave or stevia. Drink this tea in the morning to help shed those extra pounds. 

#5: A Natural Aphrodisiac

You can eat fresh rose petals, so long as you wash them to remove any dirt or bacteria. Many people eat rose petals as a source of natural energy, but they also energize your sexual appetite. Ayurveda used rose petals to increase sexual activity by activating specific doshas, energies, in the body that are responsible for sexual feelings. The idea is that rose petals help align the mind, heart, and nervous system to revitalize your sexual appetite



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