5 Health Benefits Of Spring Cleaning Your Home

5 Health Benefits Of Spring Cleaning Your Home

With spring just around the corner, the time has come to start the de-cluttering process. The days are longer and the flowers are blooming. Not to mention, that closet or garage may be overflowing! Many people cannot wait to go through their personal inventory and get rid of unnecessary things, while others consider it to be a daunting task. As intimidating as it may be, there are many health benefits that stem from spring cleaning. This article highlights exactly what they are. 

Cleaning the space in which you work or live can provide a host of health benefits. The stress of clutter, or lack of general organization, is enough to drive a person mad. From not finding the things you need to feeling guilty for not using the things you have, a cluttered space contributes to a cluttered life. According to several psychology studies, there is a direct connection between an untidy home and negative psychological impact. When you organize and get rid of the clutter, you can benefit your mental health, but also your physical health. Continue reading to learn how spring cleaning your home can improve your overall health.

Boost Happiness

Although the act of cleaning may not make you happy in the moment, having a clean and tidy home can increase happiness. The satisfaction that comes from cleaning may improve mood and promote better self-image. Several surveys identified that clutter creates more frustration, as it is a visible signal that things are not in the place you want them to be. Clutter can negatively impact self-esteem, increasing cortisol (stress hormone) as a result.

Prevent Illness

There are many high-touch surfaces in the home. From doorknobs and cabinet handles to countertops and refrigerator shelves, many surfaces can harbor germs. Minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses by giving the home a deep clean. Many people took it upon themselves to put more effort into cleaning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t let this motivation to clean slip away as the world reopens. Keep the immune system strong by regularly cleaning the home, especially the sink, toilet, fridge, and counters. Additionally, wash your produce before you consume it to help prevent food-borne illness. If you need chemical-free cleaning products, click here

Encourage Healthy Diet And Physical Activity

There are many studies that link a clean home with being more active and choosing healthier food options. This is because the state of your home can set you up to make healthier decisions. Additionally, spring cleaning may help motivate you to reset your healthy lifestyle. If your New Year’s resolution was to eat better and exercise more often and you feel off the wagon, spring cleaning can re-inspire that drive. Clear out the physical realm to clear up your relationship with food, people, and even technology and substances. 

Reduce Risk Of Injury

Did you know that more than one in four adults over the age of 65 fall each year? That accounts for three million emergency room visits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Take steps to prevent falling in the home by decluttering your space. A clean home can help prevent injuries like slips, bumps, falls, and trips. When you have a clear path, especially if you are an elderly adult, the risk of injury is much lower than someone who has to walk over obstacles just to get to the kitchen. 

Improve Focus

When you keep your space tidy, you can positively influence your mental health. Psychologists say that people have an easier time thinking clearly and they sleep better in a cleaner space. A clean home also makes it easier to find things, which can help reduce stress in the heat of the moment. Several studies found that a clutter-free home can improve a person’s ability to focus. A home that’s in disarray makes it more difficult to organize your thoughts. Clear your clutter this spring and you’ll find that your mental space increases, along with your focus and attention span. 



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