5 New Year’s Money Resolutions To Make For 2024

5 New Year’s Money Resolutions To Make For 2024

Focusing on fitness, improving your diet, and achieving better mental health are sound New Year’s resolutions. Don’t overlook the changes you need to make in order to reach your financial goals, though. If you keep your finances in mind, you can set a plan in motion that will encourage a more prosperous future. 

Right now is the perfect time to plan out the changes you want to make next year, given that 2023 is coming to a close. If you want to secure a more financially stable future, there are impactful, money-focused resolutions that you may want to consider. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon fitness goals, but you may want to consider starting the year with your finances in mind. Explore the following options and see if they make your resolution list. 

Quit Your Regular Savings Account And Open A High-Yield Option

It’s always a great idea to save because that provides a sense of security. The unfortunate reality is that savings accounts tend to fall short in regards to earning substantial interest. Take your financial future to the next level by closing your regular savings account and opting for a high-yield savings account instead. A high-yield savings account allows you to grow your money at a faster pace, considering that they have higher interest rates than regular savings accounts. Do a quick search or consult your financial advisor to find which high-yield savings account is right for you. 

Invest In Your Financial Knowledge

The world of finance constantly changes, so staying informed is vital to your financial success. One potential resolution you can adopt in 2024 is to invest more time in expanding your financial literacy. That may look like reading books or articles, meeting with a financial advisor, or taking online courses about finances. When you understand the intricacies of taxes, personal finance, and investing, you can make better decisions that aid your long-term financial goals. 

Create A Budget And Stick To It

If you want financial success, you have to learn to budget. Begin the year by creating a realistic budget that takes your income, expenses, and savings goals into account. Track your spending in a diligent way and make adjustments where necessary. If you manage your budget successfully, you can understand where your money is going and you’ll help yourself save more. A great first step to budgeting is to start making coffee or tea at home if you buy a coffee out every day. If you eat lunch out, consider meal prepping to help save more money.

Move Some Savings To A Certificate Of Deposit

If you want to maximize your savings, explore different investment options. Traditional savings accounts offer safety, but they don’t have the best interest rates that keep up with inflation. A regular savings account, for example, has an average 0.46% interest rate, which is lower than the current inflation rate. Rather than settling for a low interest rate, diversify your savings and set aside  some to a certificate of deposit (CD). A CD offers fixed interest rates, so you can leave your money deposited in the account until the CD matures. Explore the options available to you because there are so many out there. If you leave your money in a different type of account, you are potentially passing up an easy way to earn more money. 

Review And Update Your Insurance Policies

You cannot predict your future, which is why having the right insurance coverage can help your financial security. Take the time to review your insurance policies, including health, life, home, and car insurance policies. Does your coverage align with your current needs? If it doesn’t, contact your insurance providers to adjust your policies and provide a safety net.



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