5 Powerful Benefits Of Taking Time Off

5 Powerful Benefits Of Taking Time Off

When you’re at work, how often do you hear, “Is it Friday yet?” Do you long for the moment you get to clock out, return home, and relax for the weekend? Taking time away from work, be it a three-day weekend or two-week vacation, can help you reset and relax. Most people gain so much more than relaxation while away from work, even if time away isn’t that long. 

We understand that we don’t need to convince you to step away from the desk and take a vacation. You probably want to escape the hustle and bustle of work and leave your stress behind you as you embark on a vacation to the tropics. If you are like most people in America, you plug away and trudge through life without taking the opportunity to recharge away from anything work-related. 

One study found that many people don’t utilize vacation time for numerous reasons. They may fear pending layoffs, worry they’ll lose progress and be overwhelmed when they return, or feel guilty about leaving the office. Believe it or not, a 2018 survey found that the majority of bosses agree that vacation improves the productivity and focus of employees. It may even help them avoid burnouts at work! Continue reading to learn about some power benefits of taking time off work. 

You Get To Have A Mental Reset

If you work for 1,000 days in a row, you will likely experience anxiety, stress, or some form of panic. Even if you take just one day off, you can help reset yourself mentally and return to work with a clearer head. Mental health experts note that pushing yourself through too many work hours or days of work causes the brain to push back. Your river of ideas may run dry and tasks that were once easy prove extra difficult. The brain and body require rest, and taking time off may reduce cognitive fatigue, while simultaneously enhancing problem-solving ability and reducing work-related stress.

Your Soul Will Thank You

What does this mean, exactly? Taking time off work can benefit the mind and body, but it can also impact you on a deeper, more spiritual level. The soul is the body’s spiritual essence, i.e. who you really are at your core. When you take a vacation, you can tune out the external noise and direct your attention to yourself. Let go of your ego and reacquaint yourself with the essence of who you really are.

Your “happy place” may seem like a lounge chair on a beach with a cold drink in your hand, but it usually means that you can finally let go of daily pressures to reconnect with yourself and regain a sense of pride. It may sound like some hokey pokey nonsense, but getting back to basics can help you hone your intuition and values. This gives you more freedom to explore, learn, and do things that bring you joy!

You May Rekindle Relationships

When you work a lot and become overwhelmed by life, it is easy to push off dates, girls’ nights, hangs with the boys, or friendly gatherings. If that describes you, then you need a break. There is nothing wrong with focusing on your career, but too much focus can make you lose sight of the important relationships in your life. Allow yourself to take off the occasional Friday or go on that trip to Puerto Rico with your partner or friends. You will be glad that you did because time off boosts your mental health and can help you deepen the connection of your relationships. 

You’ll Experience Pure Joy

Taking trips, especially to certain parts of the world, can help give you perspective and clarity about a lot of things in life. A common feeling that accompanies clarity and inner peace is pure joy. It can sometimes take a few days to really settle into your vacation and realize that you are in a completely different space. Once you ease into relaxation mode, you can actually begin enjoying yourself. You can laugh, listen more intently, sleep better, and speak with an intensity that only exists when you are truly immersed in an experience. That is joy, people. 

You’ll Feel More Productive When You Return

There is no shame in hitting the reset button every now and again. That may come in the form of cleansing the body to reset your health, or taking a vacation. You know what a three-day holiday weekend can do for your productivity, now imagine what a whole week (or more) off could do. Some companies outside of the United States found that giving employees more time off to pursue creative endeavors or simply explore more led to better performance at work. Some researchers believe that relaxing and sleeping more on vacation helps people think more clearly and improves focus and productivity upon returning to work. That benefits both the employee and the employer!



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