5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Messy People

5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Messy People

If you’re a messy person, the longer days and blooming flowers don’t indicate that it’s time to spring clean the house. At the same time, you know, deep down, that cleaning needs to happen. It doesn’t have to be a painful experience that involves days upon days of scrubbing, sweeping, and getting rid of things. We’re not saying that cleaning is the most enjoyable experience, but you don’t have to dread it either. There are ways to make the cleaning work for you.

Many people give advice about spring cleaning, but the general gist is, “Just do it.” Listening to your favorite songs doesn’t make the process easier, but it does make you want to sing and dance, putting you in a better mood. A naturally messy person won’t necessarily be inspired to clean from a song, though. That’s why you need advice from messy people who have risen from the ashes of their own mess and transformed their livings spaces. We gathered those tips and you can continue reading to see what they are. They’ll definitely make spring cleaning your home less painful and a whole lot easier.

Declutter The House

No matter if you live in a studio apartment or four-bedroom house, it’s possible to accumulate clutter. Before you even get out the cleaning spray and the broom, you should get rid of excess clutter. When you have too many miscellaneous junk items and you’re trying to clean and organize, you burn out and get exhausted. The clutter makes it more difficult to organize and to clean. It’s hard to get rid of things, but you’ll feel lighter and happier when you do. Clearing out a space to make room for the necessary things will make spring cleaning a breeze

Clean Room By Room

The house is an intimidating beast to tackle when it comes to cleaning. It can be overwhelming and cause a person, who may not be inclined to clean, to give up altogether. The best way to clean a house is to clean room by room. You don’t have to clean all the rooms in one day; rather, focus on a room and complete it before you move to any other part of the home. Cleaning a house takes time, and there’s no reason that you have to rush through it in one go. Take your time and do it steadily. 

Get Everything Off The Floor

A common theme between messy people is that the floor serves as the ultimate miscellaneous drawer. Dirty clothes, wrappers, dust, hats, books, headphones, pens, and all sorts of things find their way to the ground. When you see all of that on the floor, it’s easy to feel intimidated. Before you attempt to clean, get everything off the floor and place the items where they should go. Once everything is in its right place, cleaning will feel more approachable and you’ll have to exert a lot less effort. The important thing is to not put everything on the bed and then put it back on the floor once you’re done cleaning.

Entertain Yourself While You Clean

A lot of people advise putting your favorite show on while cleaning. You’ve watched, rewatched, and then rewatched all the seasons again. More often than not, you end up doing more watching than cleaning. That said, it can be beneficial to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or music while you clean. They don’t involve visual cues, so your attention can remain on the cleaning tasks at hand. 

Top To Bottom And Left To Right

This tip can be used in conjunction with the room by room tip. Once you select your room and enter it, turn to your left, look up, and start cleaning. Work your way around the room, scanning from top to bottom as you move left to right. Once you finish the perimeter of the room, direct your attention to the floors and the center of the room. The most messy areas tend to be on the perimeter, so this is where you’ll most likely direct the majority of your time and energy. 

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