5 Tips For Pain-Free Travel With Psoriasis

5 Tips For Pain-Free Travel With Psoriasis

Travel and the holidays seem to go hand in hand. Some people like to skip town and spend the holidays on a tranquil beach, while others travel to see family and friends. No matter how or where you spend your holiday, skin care on the road can be a challenge, especially if you suffer from psoriasis. This is primarily because the stress that travel invites can lead to a psoriasis flare up. 

Psoriasis is something that most people find unattractive, and a flare-up can only make matters worse. The last thing you want is to feel self-conscious while wearing shorts and t-shirts on your warm weather vacation. And yet, some people with psoriasis will wear jeans and long-sleeve shirts to avoid showing their psoriasis in public. Although you may hide your skin, you don’t get any benefits of being in the sun when you are completely covered. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, some people with psoriasis may have had strategies to help prevent flare-ups. With the pause of traveling, though, you may need to relearn or reimplement those strategies into your travel routine. If you are gearing up for holiday travel, be it a vacation, work trip, or family event, here are some strategies to help keep psoriasis flare-ups at bay

Pack Comfortable Clothing That You Can Layer

Always pack your most comfortable clothing if you want to keep your skin happy. Clothing that you don’t wear often may cause irritation while you’re at your destination. You don’t need to look amazing everywhere you go! Comfort is the key, so bring your go-to psoriasis clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Loose-fitting layers can give you options, especially if you travel to a cold environment. You may go from frigid outdoor temperatures to warm inside areas. Avoid polyester and nylon and opt for comfy cotton clothing items. 

Pack Your Own Sheets

If you plant on staying in a home share, you may want to pack your own set of sheets. This will obviously depend on where you travel, as family members may accommodate your needs. Hotels in foreign places, however, may not have sheets that are gentle on your skin. If you have a flare-up, plaques, or flaky skin prior to traveling, bringing your own sheets can make you feel more comfortable about shedding. You’ll also be less fearful of getting blood on sheets, should you happen to scratch your skin and open a wound in your sleep. 

Schedule Rest And Breaks

Even if you are vacationing, traveling can induce stress. This is why you need to take ample breaks and schedule rest time. You don’t want to overdo it and cause a flare-up. Dermatologists say that fatigue can put undue stress on the skin. It’s best to schedule a break every hour, especially if you are out and about. Seeing and doing as many things as possible is a nice concept, but not for your skin. Keep your psoriasis under control by resting more frequently. Additionally, turn in early and spend time giving your skin some extra care. 

Make A Packing Checklist

If you want to stay comfortable and pain-free during your travels, you have to bring the right supplies. You packing list should include the following:

  • Your own toiletries, including conditioner, shampoo, soap, moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm. Don’t rely on stores at your destination to have the skin care products you need. Take initiative and take what you need to be comfortable. 
  • Healthy snacks, preferably ones that you can take on-the-go. High-fat, high-calorie foods that easily trigger flare-ups or inflammation are commonly found in airports and rest stops. When you pack your own snacks, you know what goes in your body and how you’ll react.
  • Items that help comfort you and keep you well-rested. Some of these items include eye masks, ear plugs, a travel pillow, or hot and cold packs. 


Don’t go anywhere without your favorite moisturizer if you have psoriasis. If you don’t plan on checking a bag, make sure that your moisturizer is in the right size container to make it through airport security screening. Your skin can dry out easily in the airplane and it may require moisture. Between the airplane air, colder outdoor air, and heated indoor air, your skin will be dry and uncomfortable. When you have your favorite moisturizer, you don’t have to worry!



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