5 Tips For Thriving During Sober October

5 Tips For Thriving During Sober October

Shorter days, colder weather, and the smell of pumpkin spice are here, which can only mean that fall is in full swing. Even though the leaves are changing, you know that mistletoe season is coming soon. Why not give yourself a moment of rest so that your body can reset before the holidays? This is where Sober October enters the equation.

Just like Dry January, Sober October is about cutting alcohol out of your life for the entire month. Take the buzz out of your life for the month and direct your focus to reconnecting with friends and family. Not only will you wake up without a headache, but you’ll also have more energy to do things. The secret to Sober October is all about piling on the fun. Recruit your squad to tackle the month together and plan activities or gatherings that don’t require alcohol. Do that and employ the following tips to help stay the course during Sober October. 

Stock Up On Alcohol Alternatives

If you like to enjoy a nightly cocktail, glass of wine, or beer, you need to have other beverage options to replace those drinks. If you drink nightly, you have most likely formed a habit, so you just have to adjust this habit by drinking something non-alcoholic. Many people report that flavored sparkling waters can be great alternatives, so long as they aren’t sweetened. You can also drink adaptogen beverages, teas, or mocktails if you’re feeling creative. Since many alcoholic beverages are carbonated, having a sparkling beverage is typically a great replacement.

Renew Your Intentions

The beginning of Sober October can be a little challenge, but a little struggle is good for the soul. After the initial hump, you’ll start to feel brighter and clearer. In the spirit of change, you should perfect or reconnect with your intentions. That may mean finally signing up for the cycling class at the studio down the street or incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet. Sober October is about discovering new ways to have fun, and there is lots of room for inspiration. Don’t wait until the holidays to plan out your resolutions; rather, start them now!

Replace The Ritual

Have you always wanted to take up a specific activity like yoga, jogging, hiking, or gardening? Sober October is the perfect time to try something new, or something that you really enjoy. Replace the ritual of having a drink at the end of the day by rolling out the yoga mat or slipping into your running shoes for a jog. Consider experimenting with different recipes, looking online or on cooking TV shows. When you give up alcohol, you’ll likely have more time to be productive! Consider picking up a book and finishing it before the month is over. 

Try Different Social Outings

As previously mentioned, Sober October is the perfect time to try new things. Plus, fall presents exciting activities for the group. Whether you’re into haunted outings and escape rooms or heading to a pumpkin patch, there’s no shortage of fun activities this season. If you don’t want to commit to a daily practice, consider making weekend plans with friends. Head to a corn maze, apple orchard, or pumpkin patch, but don’t forget your flannel shirt and jeans. Take a road trip or seek out a hike or pleasant walk that puts you in the middle of the changing leaves. Plan a movie marathon, pumpkin carving session, or get crafty and make homemade decorations. Finally, go thrifting for your Halloween costume! Grab your group and hit your town’s thrift stores to pull together a unique costume. Bonus points if you make a group costume with friends or family!

Treat Yourself After Each Week Of Progress

It’s important to understand that treating yourself does not mean making yourself a drink or cracking open a cold one. Instead, when you finish a week without drinking, treat yourself for sticking with it. Take yourself to a movie, head to your favorite bakery, or schedule a massage. Sober October can be challenging and nobody is perfect, but rewarding yourself for the progress you make can help you stay positive and focused.

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