5 Tips To Help Parents Stay Healthy This Halloween

5 Tips To Help Parents Stay Healthy This Halloween

Halloween is a time to dress in costume and stock up on sweets, or at least that’s the old adage. For many children, and enthusiastic adults, Halloween is the highlight of the year. In addition to pumpkin carving and donning costumes, many parents see their children experience sugar crashes and intense enthusiasm. 

Since children enjoy all sorts of sweets, it’s very tempting for parents to also sneak a bite or two as well. In fact, many parents seem to lose control. Sometimes, it’s in a joking manor, savagely devouring the candy that your children collect during a night of trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, a bite of gooey chocolate here and a handful of sour gummies there can rack up quite a bit of calories, processed ingredients, and artificial flavors and sugars. Although it may be difficult for parents to resist entirely, it is possible to avoid letting go completely. If staying healthy during Halloween is one of your autumn goals, the following tips will be of great help.

Rethink Your Drink

It may be impossible to completely avoid a piece or two of candy during Halloween. On the night of, while your child accumulates a huge candy stash, make sure to keep tabs on your beverage intake. If you plan to indulge in some candy or sweets, it’s best to avoid sugary sodas, sweet teas, alcoholic beverages, or processed juices. Focus on drinking water, unsweetened herbal teas, or even homemade juices. If you’re feeling festive and also want to be healthy, make a themed punch. Mix sparking water with fresh orange juice and serve with fresh orange slices or blackberries.

Walk The Walk

Rather than driving the kids around from house to house (believe us…it happens), take the evening stroll with them. Enjoy the evening together and bundle up appropriately, as it may be a bit chilly, depending where you live. Walking helps to burn calories and it occupies the mind, so you’ll be less likely to mindlessly gorge on candy 

Have A Themed Party With Games Instead Of Sweets

A Halloween party can be a wonderfully festive event. The challenge of having a Halloween party is staying on the healthy path. With sweets all over the place, most people focus on food instead of fun activities. Flip the script this year and center the party around festive fall activities. A pumpkin carving station, costume contest, musical chairs, bobbing for apples, or a pumpkin hunt are excellent activities for children. Children love games and parents love when their children tire out instead of getting hopped up on sugar! 

Balance Is Everything

Remember, Halloween is only one day in the year. This isn’t an excuse to throw away dietary rules, but it is a reminder that balance helps create healthy eating habits. Many people make the mistake of just letting children have a free for all with the candy they collect while trick-or-treating. Naturally, children will always have room for dessert, especially if they worked hard to get it by walking the neighborhood. One idea is to prepare and enjoy a healthy, filling meal right before trick-or-treating. Additionally, serve a few healthy snacks upon returning home before you bring out the candy collection. Limit each child to five pieces of candy or so they don’t get too crazy.

Give Away Candy You Don’t Like

It’s a common practice to buy candy to give out to trick-or-treaters. It’s enjoyable to see the fun and creative costumes people come up with. One of the easiest ways to eat too much candy is by buying candy that you enjoy. Buy a bag of candy that you and your children cannot stand to eat and give it away. You’ll be less tempted by that candy while it’s in your house. 

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