5 Tips To Spring Clean Your Mind, Body, and Home

5 Tips To Spring Clean Your Mind, Body, and Home

Spring is here! Can’t you smell it in the air? The weather is beginning to warm up, the days are getting longer, and people are going outside more often after being dormant in warm, cozy homes all winter. In addition to embracing the weather, spring is also a time clean out the mind, body, and home.

When it comes to the body, a lot of people accumulate food and emotions over the winter. In regards to general stuff, many people accrue things that they are never going to need again. Often times, people replace old items with new items, meaning that spring is a time of release and not a time to hold onto the past. Just as the clocks spring forward, so must we.

Let’s invite more light and clarity into our lives this spring and cleanse the body, mind, and home. To help you get started, we have a few suggestions that you should take advantage of.

Get Rid Of It

If you hang on to an excess amount of physical things in your house, you are also hanging onto them in your mind. Hoarding or accumulating belongings, according to the yogis, translates to a belief that you won’t be able to provide for yourself in the future. We advise you to go through your things and eliminate what you don’t need. You may ask, “What if I need those tie-dye pants one day?” You don’t need them. You haven’t worn them in years. Assess why you really don’t want to let certain things go. Are they valid reasons?

Do A Digital Detox

So many of us are addicted to smartphones, tablets, or some device that keeps us “connected.” Some people feel anxious when they don’t have their devices for over twenty minutes. Try to spring clean your virtual life and unplug! Rather than playing games, checking your social media sites, or looking at emails right before bed, try to turn off electronic devices two hours before bed. Read a book or meditate instead; you may find that you sleep better! You can also try to put your phone away during meals or do screen-free Sundays. You’ll find that this helps relieve anxiety and stress!

Stock Up On Spring Produce

Spring brings an array of colorful, seasonal produce. Buying seasonally can help you save money on groceries and the produce typically tends to taste fresher. Try to stock up on artichokes, spring onions, strawberries, watercress, arugula, baby spinach, and alfalfa or bean sprouts.

Go Outside

Being in nature has been proven to naturally reduce stress levels. The combination of fresh air, vitamin D, and the beauty of nature all contribute to you feeling healthier. Try to explore a neighborhood park or go on a hike with friends or family. If you live on the coast, head to the beach and walk up and down the strand. These are great options, especially for those who work desk jobs. Spring is also a great time to plant various produce items, so you may consider starting a garden in your backyard.

Try A Cleanse

Spring into health when you cleanse your body this spring! Not only will you get rid of all the toxins you accumulate over the past few months, but you may also shed some weight in the process. Summer will be here before you know it, and spring is the best time start slimming down for that sexier beach body. The Full Body Cleanse is the best place to start!

Don’t just cleanse your house of old stuff this spring. Let this be the season in which you cleanse your mind, body, and home. You can do it all!



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