5 Ways To Dramatically Simplify Your Life

5 Ways To Dramatically Simplify Your Life

As the summer nears its end, our relaxing days of leisure start to become hectic and stressful. Coordinating pickups to and from school, being on time for after school sports, or occasionally being summoned to chaperone a field trip can be taxing on your body. Add those things along with your personal list of responsibilities and it can feel like you are being suffocated. This is why it is important for your morale, health, and general wellbeing to take steps to simplify your life.

How do you simplify? Think of your life as though it is a meal. You have to work your way through the appetizers before finishing the main course; and never forget to treat yourself with a little dessert. We at Dherbs know that keeping things simple plays a role in keeping you healthy. Here are 5 ways you can simplify your life.

Completely Disconnect

Getting some quality “me time” is a great first step to giving your body some much-needed attention. People may disconnect in different ways. Some may need to leave all electronics alone and meditate in a place of silence, while others take this time to exercise or visit a spa. A digital detox may help simplify and contribute to better sleep. If you need to go crazy on the drums, sunbathe on a lawn chair, or even take a nap to disconnect and simplify, do it.

Make Your Lunch The Night Before

Getting lunch at work can lead to two things: a plummeting bank account, and eating unhealthily. Since most people have to make lunch decisions on the fly, the chosen foods end up being unhealthy lunch options. Packing your lunch the night before is a much healthier, and less stressful, option. If you have kids, you can also pack their lunches the night before. By doing that, you have less to do in the morning, which means you can slow things down and start your day with little to no stress.

Get Rid of Old Clothes

Some of us have dressers or closets that are overflowing, but we may feel that we have nothing to wear. We know it can be hard to part with clothes, especially that one pair of pants you bought for that one occasion, or that shirt you thought looked good but actually doesn’t. Getting rid of clothes, and other things in the house you don’t use, can feel liberating. Sometimes we feel that keeping things is healthy, when the sight of them can actually cause us stress. Try releasing some items from your closet and spend your time so you can spend less time in front of your closet and more time exercising, napping, swimming, or even sunbathing. Not only will you make faster dress decisions, but you’ll feel a lot better too.

Evaluate Relationships

Everyone knows one or two people that can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. As a good friend, you may feel obligated to extend yourself to these people, but it’s also important to take care of yourself. It can be beneficial to recognize negative relationships in your life and limit the negative influence it has on you. If that means distancing yourself from certain people, then that is a step that you need to take. Negative thoughts and feelings can arise within you if you engage with people that consistently give you negative energy. Simplifying your social life is not terrible. By figuring out which relationships or social interactions are healthy for you, you’ll notice that they serve your health, as opposed causing you stress.

Carry a Water Bottle

This may sound like it won’t simplify your life, but it actually does. A lot of people worry about not drinking enough water or being dehydrated, which means they are thinking about living healthy. Then you spiral into a stress inducing thought process along the lines of: “Maybe I’m not healthy in other ways, and I should do something about it, but I don’t have time.” Stress can cause dehydration, and dehydration can cause stress. It’s a terrible cycle. Hydration is not only healthy, but it also keeps you lively. There are many reusable water bottles, which you can choose from, that can keep water cold throughout the day. Taking this one simple step may set you in a new, simplified, healthy direction.

You don’t have to carry a burden all the time. Let things come and go and don’t worry if everything doesn’t go as planned. Take joy in the simple pleasures and make sure you pepper them into your day. And spoil yourself from time to time; you deserve it.