5 Ways To Keep You Mentally Sharp As You Get Older

5 Ways To Keep You Mentally Sharp As You Get Older

A lot of people are concerned with being healthy as they age. Health is not a bad thing to be concerned about, but exercising the mind is just as important as lowering cholesterol levels, maintaining flexibility, eating healthy, and consistently engaging in physical activity. While playing Scrabble or watching Jeopardy on TV can keep you interested, you can boost your mental health by making a few adjustments in life.

Staying in shape, mentally, doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout. In fact, it can be enjoyable and fun. Incorporate the following things into your life as you age to keep your brain healthy.

Food For Thought

Believe it or not, there are foods that nourish the brain and foods that can boost your mood. Foods that contain healthy fats and omega-3s can be very beneficial. You should get your hands on some leafy greens (kale, lettuce, chard, or spinach), avocados, beans, olive oil, or walnuts. Try to focus on those foods and avoid things like processed foods and sugary sodas, because they can harm your brain cells.

Take Up A Right Brain Hobby

You can perpetually stimulate your brain when you are trying to be creative. Consider taking up an artistic hobby that helps you constantly create things. People who continually engage in a creative practice like painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, sewing, woodworking, reading, or quilting are statistically less likely to develop a cognitive condition like dementia.

Keep Active

Your physical health is linked to your mental health, which means that staying active can help keep you mentally sharp. When a person exercises, it actually stimulates neuron growth in the brain and helps the brain adapt to new experiences. As you age, remember that being physically agile can help you be mentally agile. Try to engage in exercises like yoga, Tai Chi, walking, water aerobics, or Pilates.

Share Your Experiences

While being crafty or regularly exercising can give you a mental boost, you can improve your brain health by continually engaging with other people. Being social may benefit mental clarity, since you have to remain alert and attentive when being socially active. When you talk with a group of people, you encourage multitasking and help your thought processes. You can participate in book clubs, get a pet, or even interact on social media!

Get Some Sleep

No matter what age you are, sleep does wonders for the body. When you get the proper amount of sleep, you can lessen your risk of insomnia and help to improve your memory. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night is the optimal goal. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages before bed, try to take a hot shower an hour or so before bed, and read a little to promote healthy sleep.