6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves

Mangos are beloved by many because they have a sweet, tropical flavor that enhances smoothies, desserts, sauces, and even dips. They are the ultimate summer fruit, but the leaves of the mango tree often go unnoticed. Why do you need to concern yourself with the leaves when the fruit is perfectly delicious on its own? Since you asked, mango leaves contain powerful medicinal properties that have been used in many natural healing therapies and practices.

Mango leaves are green, shiny, and sharp, but they have a diverse nutritional profile. They contain vitamins A, B, & C, phenols, flavonoids, anti-inflammatory properties, and powerful antioxidants that protect your cells. Some studies suggest that the polyphenols help to improve gut bacteria. The antimicrobial agent known as mangiferin has undergone studies because it has the potential to treat fat digestion abnormalities and certain tumors.

6 Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves

It May Protect Against Fat Gain

People who are obese or those who experience metabolic syndrome or diabetes may benefit from consuming mango leaf extract. The reason for this is because it may interfere with fat metabolism. According to research studies, mango leaf extract prevents the accumulation of fat in tissue cells. A 12-week study was conducted and it consisted of 97 overweight adults. The study divided the people into two groups. One group took 150 milligrams of mangiferin (mango leaf extract) daily and experienced lower fat levels in blood and improved insulin resistance. The other group took a placebo and did not experience these results. More human studies are necessary to prove these findings.

May Improve Respiratory Health

The best way to consume mango leaves is to brew them into a tea and sweeten the liquid with raw organic honey. Drink that when you have a cold or bronchial problems and say  “so long” to your cough. If you lose your voice or have asthma, mango leaf tea is extremely beneficial. Start improving your respiratory health today!

May Improve Skin Health

Due to the antioxidant content, mango leaf extract may help reduce early signs of aging. A small test-tube study found that mango leaf extract can kill the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium that causes staph infections. A different study with mice found that administering 45 milligrams of mango leaf extract daily increased collagen production and reduced the length of wrinkles on the skin. Preliminary studies on mango leaf extract for psoriasis showed positive results for wound healing.

May Regulate Diabetes

The tannins and anthocyanidins in mango leaves are beneficial for people with diabetes. In fact, one two-week study with diabetic rats compared the use of mango leaf extract to an oral diabetes drug known as glibenclamide. The rats that received mango leaf extract experienced a significant reduction in blood sugar levels, when compared to the rats that received glibenclamide. Other studies determined that mango leaf is beneficial for diabetics because it helps improve fat metabolism. Since elevated triglyceride levels are associated with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, these findings show great promise, but more human research is necessary.

May Have Anti-Cancer Properties

The mangiferin in mango leaves has been extensively studied because it demonstrates potential anti-cancer properties. Because mangiferin is a natural antioxidant, it combats oxidative stress and helps reduce inflammation. According to test-tube studies, mangiferin proved to be effective against lung, breast, brain, prostate, and cervical cancers. Another thing to keep in mind is that the bark of the mango tree contains lignans, which are powerful polyphenols that exhibit anti-cancer properties.

May Improve Gut Health

Gut health is of the utmost importance because new studies link numerous health conditions to poor gut health. Establishing a healthy microbiome is necessary for your overall health. The more beneficial bacteria in your gut, the better. Working to flush toxins from the stomach, a mango leaf tonic keeps the digestive tract clean and functioning optimally. Brew mango leaves in water and sweeten with raw honey to create a stomach tonic.