6 Detoxifying Workouts You Can Do While Cleansing

6 Detoxifying Workouts You Can Do While Cleansing

Exercise is a primary component of the foundation for a healthy body. It helps to encourage healthy joints, strong bones, endorphin release, flexibility, range of motion, and burns calories. Exercising on a regular basis can make you stronger and increase cardiovascular strength, but it also helps the body detoxify itself.

What Is Cleansing?

The purpose of cleansing is to rid the internal organs and systems of toxins and waste material. When environmental pollutants, food waste, chemicals, harmful bacteria, and other substances are present in the body, it is easy to become sluggish or weighed down. The body has the ability to naturally cleanse itself of toxins, but it wasn’t designed to process or get rid of the chemicals in present day society. The detoxification organs (liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, colon, and lymph glands) can become overwhelmed, which increases the risk of developing a variety of chronic diseases.

If you recently started cleansing, you are most likely wondering, “How can I exercise or what exercises should I do to enhance the cleanse?” The first thing to note is that the raw vegan diet drastically decreases the amount of calories that you are used to eating. You need to allow the body time to adjust to the new diet before you hit your workout equipment in full stride. Besides, the best workouts to do while cleansing are ones that increase heart rate and force you to sweat. After all, sweating is an additional way that the body detoxes.

One Last Thing: Before we get into the recommended workouts, we must say this: Eat before and after your workouts. Apple slices with some raw almond butter, homemade energy bites, chia pudding, or smoothies are all great options to provide the body with fuel and nutrients before and after workouts.

6 Detoxifying Workouts

Light Cardio

Aerobic exercises elevate your heart rate and require the lungs to intake more oxygen. The rapid breathing helps to expel stale air that can become trapped in the lungs. You don’t need to engage in sprints; rather, maintain a steady heart rate throughout. Walking, hiking, cycling, interval circuits, or jogging are great options.


Going for a walk or jog can feel like a chore. The minute that exercise becomes a chore is the minute that you lose interest. Dancing is one of the best ways to burn calories! Crank up the music and start grooving, or you can follow along with an online Zumba class or just dance your little heart out to your favorite jams.


While meditation isn’t physical exercise, it is a valid form of mental exercise. The brain is just like any other muscle, and needs exercise to promote rejuvenation. Work on following your breath to ease any anxieties or pent up aggression that can get in the way of your goals.


If you need to take it easy on your knees, then rebounding is the exercise for you. Rebounding works to stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve cardiovascular health, and boost overall circulation. Did you know that it also benefits bone density and assists with cellulite reduction? Well, it does, and it’s super fun!

Foam Rolling

Again, this may not be considered exercise in the traditional sense, but it does require muscle strength to support the body as you roll out. Foam rolling works to release lymphatic fluid from the muscles by massaging the fascia. Many studies have found that foam rolling releases tension in bodily tissues, which promotes the new growth of health muscle fibers.


Yoga is a relaxing form of exercise that works to improve flexibility and core strength. The goal of yoga is to help ground the body, while simultaneously strengthening the smaller muscle fibers. These don’t get enough attention in regular workouts, so isolating them by engaging in specific stretches, twists, or poses helps to soothe the body.



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