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6 Natural Remedies For Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition that is signified by a sharp pain in the sciatic nerve, which is the longest and widest nerve in the human body. Because it extends from the lower back to the knees, one can experience knee pain, gluteus pain, or pain in the hamstrings. Scientists believe that roughly 40% of people will experience sciatica at some point in their lives. It is not so much a condition as it is a symptom of a larger problem that involves the sciatic nerve.


What Are The Causes?

There are many things that can cause sciatica, but roughly 90% of sciatica cases are caused by a herniated (slipped) disc. The spine is made up into three parts: vertebrae, nerves, and discs. Discs are made up of cartilage, which acts as a cushion between the vertebrae. A herniated disc occurs when the disc slips out of place, which ultimately puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. No matter what the cause is, they all involve irritating the root(s) of the lower lumbar and lumbosacral spine. Other causes may include:

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Muscle spasm in the buttocks or back
  • Tumors on the spine
  • Spinal infection


Massage Therapy:

Massage therapy is very beneficial for those with sciatica. You can help yourself even more by massaging the area with tiger balm or St. John’s wort oil about 2-3 times a day. St. John’s wort oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve inflammation in the affected area. Try purchasing a session with someone who does trigger point massage therapy. The focus points should be the lower back, buttocks, hips, thighs, hamstrings, and knees. You may also want to consider getting several chiropractic adjustments to help realign the spine.


Yoga Poses:

Yoga and stretching are great natural remedies to help relieve sciatica. This may seem counterintuitive, considering that movement can cause pain, but certain movements actually relieve the pain. Try laying down on your back and bringing your knees to your chest. You can alternate legs and do both at the same time. Yoga poses to consider are Child’s Pose, Downward Dog, and Cobra.


Ice Whenever You Can:

It is very helpful to ice the affected area with an ice pack. Ice for 15-20 minutes at a time to help decrease inflammation. If you like heat, alternate between hot and cold throughout the day to help relieve pain.


Brew Valerian Root Tea:

Valerian root can be brewed into a tea and it has a relaxing effect on chronic nerve pain. Because sciatica is usually accompanied by muscle spasms, valerian tea is a great natural remedy. Brew 1 teaspoon of valerian root in 1 cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Drink this herbal tea several times a week to help relieve the pain.


Avoid Sitting:

Try to avoid sitting down for long periods of time. It is best to get moving to avoid bulging discs. Being static can increase inflammation in the affected area and make the condition worse. The best exercises to do are isometric exercises. These exercises don’t involve joint angle or muscle length change, which means that you won’t be stressing the sciatic nerve.


Try Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is another alternative remedy that can help relieve sciatica. By stimulating certain acupressure points, the treatment can help open certain channels in the body and allow the nervous system to flow smoothly. By relaxing the muscles, acupuncture can help the body naturally heal itself.


Related Questions

  • Q: I've been suffering with my sciatic nerve for over a year and as of yet, have not found any relieve. I've had an x-ray and nothing was found. Now, I'm in the process of having an MRI. The doctor prescribed me some medication but I refuse to take it because medicine only suppresses a problem but doesn't address it. Any advice on what I can do to combat this agonizing pain? It affects my ability to walk freely on some days. I've just learned how to ignore the pain. I just purchased your FULL BODY DETOX and will begin as soon as you send the missing bottle of number 1. I'm totally excited.


    Perform the FULL BODY DETOX. After performing the FULL BODY DETOX, take NERVES FORMULA and KHEMETIAN GOLDdaily. Start seeing a chiropractic and acupressurist or acupuncturist as well. Don't forget to improve your diet!

  • Q: I am 7 months pregnant with just a few symptoms (sciatica, low blood pressure, and change in appetite). So far, I have been doing pretty well. I take your pre-natal and calcium herbs. My fear is that I have no desire to eat vegetables. I only want fruit. Meat turns my stomach so I stay clear of it. I have just started gaining weight (3 pounds). What do you advise regarding the vegetables, low blood pressure, and sciatica?


    In place of vegetables try taking 6 capsules of our ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD formula. For sciatica, try our NERVES FORMULA (also get massage and see a chiropractic). For low blood pressure, take CARDIO-VASCULAR FORMULA. For change in appetite, just go with the flow. Trust your body's natural inclination to change. You'll be fine. If you feel it's necessary, please schedule a consultation.

  • Q: My husband is experiencing severe lower back pain, and numbness in his leg. He has already had a series of epidural shots in his spine, and the pain is still there. He has been a body builder, and a healthy eater in the past. He is retired Army and thinks alot of the pain is due old injuries. I do not see any herbs for severe back pain. He is on Flexerol, 800 ml of motrin, and I believe next they will suggest surgery (fuse the bones together). Can you tell us what may help his back?


    It appears his condition is self-inflicted and not degenerative in nature, so herbs exclusively would not be of great help; only partial help. The drugs are making his condition worse. I would suggest he give the Full Body Detox, a try so as to purify his body so REAL healing can begin. The pain may always exist, but it could be contained. He should also see a chiropractic. Being honest too, what he is experiencing is the effect of his cause (what he did to his body under the guise of what he thought was the right thing to do in bodybuilding, and eating what he thought was healthy food). Detox first! But if he can't give up the drugs, I wouldn't recommend detoxing as herbs and drugs don't mix!

    Can I Take Medication With My Herbs?

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    Full Body Detox

  • Q: I wanted to know what you would suggest for muscle pain. I have pain in my neck and bicep, tightening in my wrist and sometimes my hand is cold. I had an mri that showed some mild degenerative changes to my cervical spine.


    For muscle pain, we recommend Joint Aid, and MSM Sulfur to help nourish and maintain muscles and nerves.

    Coldness in your extremities may be due to poor circulation for which we recommend Circulation Aid.

  • Q: I'm only on the 4th day of the FULL BODY DETOX, but my sciatic nerve is really bothering me (and it was prior to me starting the detox as well), and my energy level (especially here at work) is still pretty much dragging. I know that you do not advise taking any of your other herbs while doing the detox, so do you have any suggestions for the relief of my sciatic nerve and fatigue situation?


    You could drink herbal tea during the Detox. Just don't take solid things (herbs, supplements). Try the HEADACHES TEA! Drink a few cups per day! If your sciatic nerve is bothering you while cleansing it's because the nerve is being worked on by the herbs. Let the herbs do its job. The pain won't last long. You did something in the past that brought you pleasure but damaged the nerve so now you're experiencing the flip side (pain) on your way back to balance.

  • Q: I have the following problems and diseases, Herniated disc in lower back, meniscus in knees, born with asthma and bronchitis, a need for a TOTAL MALE CLEANSE, chakra cleanses, blood, mucous, worm parasites, kidneys. I would like to get the products that will help me pass all the tests that the Most High has set up/ordained for me as well as correct diseases/discomforts I would like to be what our Creator intended for me to be!!!


    Alright then ... First perform the FULL BODY DETOX, then the RESPIRATORY CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, followed by the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE, and lastly the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE.

  • Q: My mother is suffering from sciatic pain that comes and goes. It used to be every six months, now it seems to be every other day. She also has high blood pressure, gout and she's overweight. What do you suggest for her? My problem is chronic Candida, nail fungus (fingers & toes), sometimes-itchy skin. What do you suggest for me?


    For your mother: 1. FULL BODY DETOX, Change of Diet (give up meat, dairy products, etc.), exercise, drinks plenty of water; perform the DHERBS 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. For you: FULL BODY DETOX, 10-DAY SUPREME CANDIDA CLEANSE (after FND), change your diet, etc. Read our articles on â€CANDIDA ALBICANS: YEAST INFECTIONâ€, â€HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (HYPERTENSION)â€, â€TOE NAIL FUNGAL INFECTION†etc. You will find them under ARTICLES on our Home Page.

  • Q: I had bad pevic pain in my pregnancy. A condition called SPD where the pelvis becomes prepared too early for childbirth, resulting in constant pain. This includes the following, clicky hips, cant pick feet up moving and sitting, lying in pain. Could anything help this physical condition? I had two laroscopys to remove my endometriosis tissues, not sure if that was a cause to damage ligaments. I have cleared the endometriosis since seeing Diana Mossop, and her herbs and phytobiophysics remedies! Hated pregnancy as had sickness and nausea for three months then SPD, then plantar fascitiis. Could there be any prevention methods for this?


    Yes! Perform the Full Body Detox followed by the Total Woman Cleanse. Get your mind right! Please read our "Mental Science Manual" e-book. Highly recommended!

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    Total Woman Cleanse
    The Mental Science Manual

  • Q: I've been doing raw for about 28 days and I am on day 9 of the FULL BODY DETOX. I have noticed that my hands are orange occasionally. This also was present before doing the raw fast and detox as well. I looked on your website to see if you had any articles pertaining to this but didn't see any. I have read up a little on jaundice, but I experience this only on my hands (palms only, not in eyes or anywhere else). 5 or 6 years ago I was experiencing pain in my liver area and began changing my diet. Shortly after that I went to see an acupuncture therapist for a back injury (car accident) and he asked had I'd been experiencing pain anywhere else and I told him in the liver area. He treated me for both. I never have pain in my liver area again but was unsure what the orange hands are all about. I don't know if that is too much information, but I'd really appreciate any information you can give me on this issue.


    Orange or yellowish hands or feet denote TOXICITY. The body is toxic, especially the liver and needs to be cleansed periodically. Give the FULL BODY DETOX a try! Soak your hands in hot water (as hot as you can bear it) and 1 box of sea salt for about 30 minutes daily. I had this problem some years ago. I was going through times, had been through so much. I went and got a manicure one day and the Asian lady could read palms and told me I needed to relax. I had been doing everything by myself for a long time in life and needed to rest. She kept emphasizing rest. While this was true, my body also needed to detox. The anger in me at certain people and certain circumstances was stored in my liver (the liver stores anger). But in order to start a new life and live life anew, I had to work on my LIVE-R.

  • Q: Are there any natural muscle relaxants? Or natural remedies for chronic lower back pain?


    For back pain, see a chiropractic. Herbally, you can take the Nerve Formula, MSM Sulfur, and Headache and Pain Formula available on our on-line store. Soak in hot water, 1 box of sea salt, and 6 drops of essential oil of peppermint (added to bath). 

  • Q: Hi, I have been suffering from a dull pain the testicular area for over 2 years now. I have seen 2 urologists that have confirmed that I have enterococcus bacteria in either the prostate of genital area based on semen culture. I have also done testicle ultrasound and CAT scan of the area with good results. One of the urologist said that I have an inflamed prostate (prostitis) there was some varicose veins when ultra sound was done but the urologist continues to give me long term antibiotics. Some my symptoms have been dull pain in the testicular area when I need to have a bowel movement. low energy, moody, memory loss, irritable, confused, brain fog etc. I use to have a health sex drive but now my sex drive is really low. A bit of erectile dysfunction but I think that comes more from having the pain all the time and anxiety. I don't know if this is possible but my penis seems to have reduced in size when erect. The doctor ask me to try some cialis for the ED which I did for a short while but decided I needed something natural because of the long term problems of using those medications. I have had long periods of stress from a bitter business relationship about 2 years ago. My concern is that every time I go to the urologist all they want to do it give me antibiotics and that doesn't seem to be working. I am concern of the other organ damage caused by taking long term antibiotics. Is there an alternative you recommend? I have been looking at your Anti- virus treatment. I am 30 years old.


    I would suggest you perform the FULL BODY DETOXfollowed by the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE. Read some of our free health articles too on male reproductive health. Healing begins with knowledge!

  • Q: I had been having horrible pain in my abdominal area, I went to the doctor they did and ultra sound and found a small cyst on my left ovary. Now the pain has extended to my back. I'm going to order the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE when I get the dough...what can I get now to help with the pain and dissolve the cyst naturally. Thank you for your time. Peace


    The best thing you can do is CHANGE your diet and start eating healthy right now. Order FEMALE HEALTH TEA and begin with diet and drinking tea until you can obtain the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE and FULL BODY DETOX. There is help for you, Beloved!

  • Q: I have a myriad of health problems due to, I believe, excessive masturbation. Ailments include: Low hanging reddish testicles (at times) Epididymitis Pain and inflammation of the vas deferens Pain and "it seems" mild inflammation in the lower abdominal. Pre-mature ejaculation (I masturbate only once a month) could this be too much if my body is destroyed? At the onset I had penis shrinkage, and seminal discharge or oozing. Constant urination, dripping, pressure in the pelvis and/or bladder. I have tried a bunch of products but none have worked. Dr. Lin's herbal formulas for 8 months. Acupuncture with 4 different people. Chinese herbs with 2 of them. Ginseng tonic formulas. They are all expensive and I am having trouble affording everything. Life is hard enough without this type of problem. I need to avoid being ripped off. I would appreciate any feedback and/or correspondence.


    We would recommend that you perform our Full Body Cleanse, then follow that up with our Male Cleanse. These cleanses help to provide essential nutrients conducive to male sexual reproductive health.

    After you finish the cleanses, go with Male Hormonal Formula, Prostate Formula and Male Health Tea to continue to maintain the wellness of your testicles, penis, and prostage gland.

    And more importantly, give masturbating a break for a while.

    Also, soak in hot water and 2-3 boxes of sea salt daily.

  • Q: Thank you for your reply. I’m interested to buy your products because I want to be relieved from pain occurring monthly associated with my menstrual cycle. This affects me so much. I’m a regular income earner with a salary to meet my basic needs. I will save a little daily so I can buy your product. This might help me relieve the symptoms. From my last ultrasound, my uterine fibroid is just 3 cm in size. There are 3 and the 2 are smaller in size but I suspect this causes the pain. Pain starts 3 days before menstruation until after my ovulation. It last for about 15 days a month and it affects me so much. My pain is at the lower right abdomen and pelvic area. I also feel cramps in my right leg. It is most appreciated if you could help me. God bless.


    Beloved, purchase a bottle of MOON CYCLE FORMULA and FEMALE HEALTH TEA and take these 3 days before your menses begin. These 2 products are very economical and will give you relief until you can perform one of the kits and regimens.

  • Q: I had 2 jaw bone (cavitations) surgeries, from holistic dentist, a dentist I went to prior caused major trauma to the bone and 3 days later my whole face was on fire, this has been 3 years since this happened, he might have pushed the infection I had in my system through the nerves, I am a whole lot better but still experience pain, pressure and fogginess in my head causing me not to think straight at times, pain behind my ears and in lower jaw, as well as discomfort and pressure. I would like to know what product would be good for this, the brain and heart circulation herb? I pretty much have to stay on a raw food diet to maintain my health but this is not totally getting rid of the problem, there is inflammation and pain in my jaws if I eat the wrong thing. Could you please guide me in the right direction?


    Herbs to try: BRAIN TUNER, NERVES FORMULA, MSM SULFUR, and HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA. Also, purchase OXY-DROPS for your drinking water (10-20 drops per glass).

  • Q: What can I use to relieve the pain in my toes also I do not have any sex drive can u tell me how can I get it back?


    To relieve toe pain, soak the toe in hot water, sea salt, and peppermint oil for 30 minutes daily. This has detoxifying properties that will help eliminate toxins that maye be blocking proper circulation, thereby causing pain.

    Try our Headache & Pain Formula too.

    For low sex drive, try Jackrabbit Formula and Jackrabbit Extract to aid your entire sexual reproductive system.

  • Q: Dear herbalist, I have beginning stages of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, triggered by a foot injury six months ago. While I will be starting physical therapy soon, I would rather not be forced to take big pharmacy medications. I love Dherbs and I hope there is a better alternative to reduce symptoms and assist with nerve repair and ultimately (hopefully) remission. Please help. I am only 30 years old. Sincerely, Rebecca


    We always recommend doing The Full Body Cleanse first to get your overall health into a better place, your body is always more receptive to healing when it's in a healthier state. You should do the Nerve Cleanse and Regimen to specifically help bring recovery to your nerves. After cleansing we suggest continuing with the Nerves Formula and the Central Nervous System supplement. If you're looking for a supplement to assist with pain we suggest trying the Headache and Pain Formula.

    Product Links:

    Full Body Cleanse - http://dherbs.com/store/full-body-cleanse-p-1.html

    Nerve Cleanse & Regiment - http://dherbs.com/store/nerves-cleanse-regiment-p-486.html

    Central Nervous System Formula - http://dherbs.com/store/central-nervous-system-p-17.html

    Nerves Formula - http://www.dherbs.com/store/nerves-formula-p-51.html

    Headache and Pain Formula -http://www.dherbs.com/store/headache-and-pain-formula-p-34.html

  • Q: I have a condition called endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus, is found elsewhere in the body. Last year, I had surgery to remove the excess tissue, but the only thing that day was help relieve pelvic pain. Although I sometimes still get pain, it's not as painful as before. My husband and I have been trying to conceive, however due to my condition, it is obviously making it very difficult for us since it's known for these women to have a higher risk of infertility. Any suggestions?


    Infertility is easy to reverse. First, perform the Full Body Detox (to help cleanse the human body). Next, perform the Total Woman Cleanse (which works on your female hormonal system). Lastly, perform the Fertility Kit (which enhances potential of conception). Read some of our FREE health articles on our site. We have articles on "Endometriosis" and "Infertility." There is hope for you, Beloved!

  • Q: I am not sure if I pulled a muscle cause I work with baggage at the airlines. And back pain and abdominal pain has been prevalent. and I hate my job have not been able to get the job I wanted and my mom keeps telling go back to college, but I want to get my degree in poetry. I probably need a new plan, I want to get married but the girl I love she is not that consciousness about her diet and I am a vegetarian. What does back pain denotes Mr. Djuethy. Thank you brother. and thank you very much cause I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being able low the prices on the herbs cause I purchase avidly. Thank you and god bless you from the universe.


    Beloved, it sounds like your back is against the wall with pressure from other people directing your life. Are you bending over backwards to try and please everybody? Pain is the absent of pleasure. Sounds like you are missing pleasure in your life.

  • Q: I have a 13 year Rottweiler who is having a lot of trouble with his hind legs. A couple of weeks ago he slipped and fell, and couldn't walk because he couldn't put any weight on his back legs. I took him to the vet and they did an x-ray that showed that he had 2 herniated discs in his spine which were cutting of the nerves to his back legs. They said surgery is not an option for a dog of that size and age so they gave him a steroid shot and medication to give to him every day, and said if that didn't work I should probably put him down. Luckily the medication worked because he's up and about. His back legs are still a little weak but he does get up and move around pretty decent when he needs to. My question is if any of the pet products you have will help. I know the medication the vet gave is only a temporary solution and the vet told me that this is expected for a big dog at this age, but I would appreciate your input.


    I recommend the following formula: CAT AND DOG JOINT, BONE, AND CARTILAGE FORMULA