7 Easy DIY Projects To Keep You Busy During The Pandemic

7 Easy DIY Projects To Keep You Busy During The Pandemic

Have you been to a hardware store or home improvement store lately? These stores are filled with people buying various materials, items, or plants to improve their homes. They need to occupy their time with projects, renovations, or other DIY projects that beautify their homes. As it turns out, there are projects you can tackle that won’t break your bank.

You don’t have to live in an extravagant house or have a woodshop to execute small projects. There are little things you can do to your studio, two-bedroom apartment, or four-bedroom house that improve the quality of your home. Don’t worry about heavy machinery; you won’t need those tools for these projects. The following projects are all about simplicity, because the last thing you need during the pandemic is more complication and stress.

Make A Wine Bottle Tiki Torch:

This is an extremely easy project, and it’s especially beneficial for warding off mosquitos during these summer months. All you need is couple empty wine bottles, tiki torch fuel, ½”x3/8”copper couplings, ½” Teflon tape, and 3/8” diameter tiki torch wicks. Wrap the ½” side of the copper couplings in Teflon tape. Make sure they fit snuggly in the top of the wine bottles. Fill the wine bottles with tiki torch fuel and then drop the wicks in. Let it soak overnight before lighting the wicks. That’s it!

Grow Some Plants:

There are many mental health benefits associated with gardening because it helps you focus and gets you in touch with the earth. Buy a small planter box (or make one if you have the tools) and figure out what you want to grow. Do a little research to find out the best flowers or plants to plant during summer. You may also want to figure out where you will place the planter because some plants require more sunlight than others. You’ll be harvesting your plants or seeing flowers bloom in no time!

DIY Temporary Stained Glass:

This is a great art project for the kids, and it’s actually really awesome. Once you make it, you may consider getting a permanent stained glass window! In the meantime, conserve your funds by taping patterns onto a window or sliding glass door with painter’s tape (it peels off easily). Then have your kids color the different shapes with washable markers. They’ll love it!

Paint An Accent Wall:

An accent wall makes a room pop! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to paint a wall either. If you have raised areas from a bad paint job, sand them down before you paint because you will notice them more with color. If you have a white wall, you don’t need to prime the wall. If you have a colored wall, prime the wall with white, allow it to dry, and then paint two to three coats of the color you desire. Make sure to lay down a tarp and tape off the edges.

Hand-Paint Your Throw Pillows:

Some people like boring, plain throw pillows, and we have nothing bad to say about them. If you can’t find the patterned pillow you want, paint the pillows yourself! All you need is fabric paint to make your dreams come true. Not only does this give your house and extra homey vibe, but it’s a fun and simple DIY project that’ll make your room pop!

Create A Movie Theater Stand:

If you have kids, this is a must-do DIY project. Since you can’t go to a movie theater, create your own movie theater snack bar at home. Cut some paper to create tickets that have the name of the movie that you are about to watch. Go out and buy some striped popcorn tins or paper carriers, buy some movie theater candy, and don’t forget to buy popcorn. If you have a table or counter, arrange everything like a professional snack bar. Make signs that show how much each items costs and give your kids money to spend. Enter the area where you will watch a movie, sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie.

DIY Face Masks:

Most public places require you to wear a facial covering for the unforeseeable future, so you need options. You can’t use the same face mask over and over again; that is completely unsanitary. Instead, simply make more masks. Wearing reusable masks is more eco-friendly than buying disposable masks, which should only be worn for a limited amount of time. When it comes to masks, there are many DIY guides for all levels of craftspeople. You don’t even need a sewing machine! Get those masks made and you’ll be grocery shopping in style.