7 Easy No-Cook Recipes To Beat The Summer Heat

7 Easy No-Cook Recipes To Beat The Summer Heat

The heat of summer can often inspire general fatigue. All you want to do is live in a safe haven from the dry or humid heat. Often times, this is your home, which begs an important question. Why should you spend time baking food in the oven or spend hours over the stove cooking meals? Not only does this make your air-conditioning work harder, but it also causes you to lose interest in the hot food. What can be done?

If you’re looking to beat summer heat, try your hand at some no-cook recipes. Instead of a hearty stew, consider a refreshing salad with summer fruits and vegetables. Avoid heavy dairy desserts that cause bloating and opt for homemade sorbets that cool you off. Lettuce wraps, smoothies, raw soups, and vegetable noodle recipes are lighter, cooling meal options. They won’t weigh you down or cause sweating, unless you kick up the spice level

The following recipes are all raw vegan, meaning that they are great for anyone participating in one of the many Dherbs cleanses. If you are not ready to transition to this type of eating plan, feel free to add pre-cooked legumes to your salads or entrees. If you opt for canned legumes, please pay attention to ingredients labels. Many of these canned varieties can easily cause people to exceed the recommended daily amount of sodium. Fortunately, there are sodium-free or low-sodium varieties that are much healthier options. 

To start you on your no-cook summer meal marathon, here are seven recipes that will keep you feeling fresh in the summer heat. 

Kale Salad With Almonds, Cranberries And Apples

Boost your nutrient intake by enjoying this raw vegan kale salad that’s perfectly balanced with apples, cranberries, and a tart vinaigrette. Kale is naturally bitter and has an assertive flavor. For this reason, sweet ingredients like apples and dried cranberries work well in kale salads. 

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Peach Perfect Detox Smoothie With Ginger

A smoothie a day is not a cliché, or at least that’s what they say. Anyway, there’s no time to delay! This smoothie bursts with a tropical, zesty flavor that represents the refreshing flavors of summer.

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Melon Ball Salad With A Minty Lime Dressing

Refresh your palate and hydrate the body when you enjoy this Instagram-worthy melon ball salad that has a zesty, minty dressing. Plus, summer is when melons are the freshest!

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Cucumber Ginger Mint Agua Fresca

This tangy, refreshing cucumber mint agua fresca is the perfect summertime beverage. If the sun is shining, this drink will cool you down and provide you with hydrating electrolytes.

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Zucchini Noodles With A Spicy Kale Pesto

These zucchini noodles tossed in a spicy kale pesto make for a light lunch or easy go-to dinner option for anyone who wants to watch their caloric intake. 

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Strawberry Basil Sorbet

This beautifully aromatic and sweet sorbet is refreshing, silky, and addictive. You just keep coming back for more, spoonful after spoonful.

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Easy Chocolate Cherry Maca Ice Cream

For this recipe, you don’t need dairy. In fact, you only need fresh ingredients that refresh the body on a warm summer day. And if you know anything about anything, cherries pair perfectly with chocolate.

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