7 Easy Ways To Make Your Office Better For Your Health

7 Easy Ways To Make Your Office Better For Your Health

Health is one of the most pertinent topics in today’s day an age. What supplements can you take to improve immunity? How can eating fermented foods benefit the gut? How much exercise is required for optimal cardiovascular function? These are excellent questions to ask and find answer to, but there are other untapped areas in which you can improve your health. 

The average American with an office job spends over eight hours each day at work. That’s one-third of the day, and it’s advantageous to make the workplace an area for wellness practices. While you may not be able to practice yoga or prepare smoothies at your job, you can maintain healthy practices at the office. Even if you make small adjustments in the office, they can benefit your health in the long run. Continue reading to learn how easy it is to make small changes for better office health. 

Change Up Your Levels

Lower back problems, neck soreness, and tight hips are common symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in a desk chair all day creates unnecessary tension in the body. Sitting for one hour can decrease the production of fat-burning enzymes by 90%. If that isn’t reason to stand or move about the office, we don’t know what is! Invest in a standing desk so you can alternate from a seated to standing position as you please. Additionally, standing can help increase productivity!

Get Some Office Plants

There’s nothing wrong with inviting more greenery into your indoor spaces. Studies have shown that numerous plants help to improve indoor air quality. Believe it or not, indoor air is more polluted than you realize, but plants are natural air purifiers. Additionally, studies found that having more plants inside helps to improve productivity, creativity, and overall mood.

Use Aromatherapy

Don’t bother purchasing air fresheners or candles with artificial scents. They actually release irritating chemicals into the air, which can worsen indoor air quality. Instead, choose an essential oil diffuser that emits a subtle, all-natural aroma. There are certain oils, like lemon and lavender, that can help reduce stress and improve respiratory function.

Plan Healthy Lunches

The cubicle diet can detract from a healthy lifestyle. Many people fail to plan their lunches and end up choosing unhealthy options at the last minute due to insatiable hunger or convenience. If you want to enjoy healthy lunch options, your best bet is to bring your lunches to work. Be intentional about your lunch meal so that it offers essential nutrients, supporting healthy eating habits. You can even take it so far as to meal prep lunches for the entire week!

Engage In Midday Stretches

Stretching is one of the best ways to counteract the negative effects of sitting. Tension can build up in the back, neck, and shoulders. Studies show that anger is a common emotion that’s associated with tension build-up. Get ahead of tension by practicing basic stretches and breath work on your lunch break. 

Put Your Phone Away

The cellphone is one of the biggest distractions in today’s day and age. You can be at your desk scrolling through Instagram or playing games during a workout. The cellphone is a huge interruption, an addiction even. While you’re at work, try to put your cellphone away in a drawer so that you are not tempted to check it constantly. Check your phone at set times throughout the day. When you don’t check your phone so often, you’ll reduce the risk of tech neck.

Always Refill Your Water Bottle

Most people don’t drink enough water, especially in the office. It’s beneficial to keep a reusable 24-ounce water bottle at your desk. Aim to consume at least three full bottles every day. That’s three refills, people! Staying hydrated can actually prevent you from over-snacking, which is a common symptom of dehydration. Take trips to the water cooler every 90 minutes or so, walk around, and then return to your work station.

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