7 Essential Tips To Stay Healthy This Summer

7 Essential Tips To Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. Some people despise the heat, but it’s the perfect time to savor longer days, outdoor activities, and beach days. Plus, you get to toss rules and routines out of the window. Wait…that can’t be the summer you’re about to have, right? As sad as it may seem, many people overindulge during the summer and gain weight as a result. It isn’t as dangerous as the holiday season, but barbecues and get togethers are where excess calories reside. 

Even though school is out, your health can remain in session. Sure, there will be inevitable slip-ups, but it’s all about how you handle them. When you don’t recover and get back on track, a snowball effect happens and weight gain occurs as a result. In regards to health, summertime isn’t just about the food you eat. It’s important to stay active, regulate mood, reduce inflammation, sleep well, and enjoy the weather to maintain overall health. Continue reading for great tips to help make your summer as fun and healthy as possible.

Dine Smart

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end and everything is reopening, people are eager to get out and eat out. Dining out is one of the quickest ways to rack up unnecessary calories. A single meal that involves appetizers, entrees, and drinks can exceed 1,500 calories with ease. Be mindful of where you go out to eat and what you eat when you’re out. Dining out doesn’t have to be unhealthy! There are many healthy restaurants and smart food options when you eat out.

Declutter Your Space

You aren’t a healthy person if your mental health suffers. Positivity and and optimal mental health makes you feel like a healthy person overall. One of the easiest ways to maintain your mental health is to declutter your space. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have too much going on, or too much stuff in your house. Consider having a garage sale with all the belongings, clothing, or furniture that you no longer need. Make sure to take what you don’t sell to a donation center, so you don’t keep those things!

Workout With The Season

Going to the gym or Pilates studio is beneficial, but it’s important to workout with the season. Summer offers warmer temperatures, which means you have the opportunity to hike, swim in the lake, go to the beach, or go to more outdoor classes. Additionally, if you go for daily jogs, consider jogging in the mornings or evenings when the temperatures are lower. You don’t want to discourage yourself from working out by jogging in the hot sun! You can also encourage family fitness with bike rides and trail walks.

Eat Seasonal Produce

Summer offers an amazing selection of seasonal produce. From berries and melons to bell peppers and stone fruit varieties, these produce items taste the best in warmer months. Take advantage of what the season has to offer because seasonal produce tastes better and it is fresher than other produce. Head to your local farmer’s market for the freshest, flavorful produce.

Enjoy The Weather

There is a vitamin D problem in America. According to statistics, about 10% of the U.S. adult population experiences vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is fat-soluble vitamin that is necessary for optimal bone development, immune function, weight loss, and skin health. There’s no shortage of natural vitamin D in the summertime, so head outside and soak up some sunshine. Just remember to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes. 

Swim Safely

There’s nothing like soaking up the sun by the ocean or lake and then taking a dip in the refreshing water to cool off. If you venture to the pool, lake, local pond, or beach, swim safety is of the utmost importance. It’s very easy for a drowning to occur in an instant, so make sure to designate a safe swimming area for everyone, especially children. If you’re at the beach, pay attention to potential “strong current” signs to avoid being swept away. Consider investing in a simple life jacket for children as an additional safety measure.

Keep The Bugs Away

Mosquitos can easily ruin an evening kickback with friends or family. While summer is a beautiful season, it’s common for all sorts of stinging bugs to show up out of nowhere, especially if you are near a stagnant body of water. If you go on a hike or spend a day outside, check yourself and pets for ticks before entering the house. Click here to learn how to make two all natural bug sprays that are essential for summer. Additionally, learn how to keep bugs away by clicking here

Summer is a wonderful time of year. It can be blissful, relaxing, and healthy if you take the right steps. Make this summer memorable by staying healthy and safe with these summer health tips. 



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