7 Natural Cleaners You Need For Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning

7 Natural Cleaners You Need For Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, signifying longer days and warmer weather. Goodbye darkness and hello sunshine, and cleaning. Yes, spring is a time to absorb more vitamin D, but the blooming flowers mean that it’s also time to deep clean the home. Unfortunately, having a clean and green home is oxymoronic. 

Once you make the commitment to finally spring clean your home, what happens to all those chemicals from the cleaning products you used? Well, they remain in your home, polluting your indoor air and negatively impacting your respiratory system. This is not good news if you or anyone you live with is prone to respiratory infections. Thankfully, having a clean and green home is possible if you use DIY, chemical-free, non-toxic cleaning products

This sounds difficult, but it’s actually very easy. In fact, you most likely have a lot of the necessary ingredients in your home. It’s possible to purchase non-toxic cleaning products from reputable companies, but they can cost you a pretty penny. Use the natural cleaning recipes in this article to spring clean your home without leaving any toxins behind. 

7 Non-Toxic Cleaners

DIY Natural Bathroom Disinfectant Spray

The bathroom disinfectant spray in this article has three simple ingredients. You know what they are and understand how they work. There is no need to search the Internet for definitions on ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

Click here to make the cleaning spray.

DIY Non-Toxic Reusable Cleaning Wipes

There are a lot of problems with disposable cleaning wipes. Besides the fact that they received a “D” health score, they may also contain ingredients that don’t receive sufficient testing for potential health risks. Plus, it’s so easy to make your own that are incredibly eco-friendly.

Click here to make the wipes. 

Zero Waste DIY Citrus Cleaning Spray

Not everybody wants to clean their home with vinegar because the smell can be off-putting. That’s the beauty of using citrus peels to freshen your vinegar-based cleaning spray. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent for windows, washing machines, and more.

Click here to make the cleaning spray.

DIY Homemade Oven Cleaner

When you inhale the fumes from chemical oven cleaners, they can enter the lungs and cause light-headedness, breathing troubles, throat swelling, and even abdominal pain. Fortunately, you don’t have to harm your body if you want to keep your oven clean!

Click here to make the oven cleaner.

DIY Natural Dusting Spray

If you want to clean dust off wooden furniture in your home, all you need is a few natural ingredients. Some argue that a microfiber towel and water does the job, but this doesn’t really clean the surface. If you fall into that way of thinking, that’s perfectly fine, but please understand that using a DIY dusting spray can help repel dust for a lot longer.

Click here to make the dusting spray.

DIY Disinfectant Spray

Some people are loyal to name brand disinfectant sprays. Are they also loyal to polluting their home with toxins? It’s actually much safer and healthier to use a disinfecting ingredient like isopropyl alcohol, but you have to make sure that the alcohol content is 70 percent for proper disinfection. 

Click here to make the disinfectant spray. 

DIY Scented Vinegars For Natural Cleaning

White vinegar is the most acidic of all vinegars, which makes it a powerful cleaning agent. It’s a great ingredient to have if you plan to make a lot of non-toxic cleaning products. Keep in mind that it can be a little powerful for certain surfaces, but you can always dilute it with water. 

Click here to make those scented vinegar cleaners.

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