7 Natural Cleaning Hacks For A Non-Toxic Home

7 Natural Cleaning Hacks For A Non-Toxic Home

Whether you look under the kitchen sink or in the hall closet in the average home, you will most likely see an assortment of cleaning products. People have their preferences for brands and scents, but there are sprays or scrubs for different needs. One product cleans the countertops, while another one makes wood furniture shiny. And then you have products that clean showers, toilets, the floors, and so on. 

Building this collection of cleaners can be expensive, not to mention damaging to your health. According to a 2018 study from the University of Bergen in Norway, people exposed to cleaning products for 20 years have the same lung function as people who smoke 20 cigarettes per day. They also experience a 40% greater risk of developing asthma. There’s a reason why you cough or find it difficult to breathe when you use oven cleaner. In fact, many of these products have warnings that you should wear protective gloves or masks while using them!

Making the switch to natural products can seem challenging or overwhelming, but it’s an easy transition to make. You just need to master a few simple cleaning hacks with ingredients you may already have in your home. There are many harmless ingredients that prove to be excellent non-toxic cleaners. Continue reading to learn more about seven natural cleaning hacks. 

Load Up On Vinegar

Whether you need to clean tubs, windows, tile, or other surfaces, distilled white vinegar is right for the job. Although it isn’t a proper disinfectant, it does work great as a natural cleaner. It works to clean and mildly sanitize many surfaces, especially bathtubs, shower doors, and metal faucets. The downside to vinegar is the smell, but you can mix it with essential oils to counteract the intensity. Click here to learn more about scented vinegar cleaners. 

Lemon Essential Oil For A Clean Microwave

Need to clean your microwave and make it smell great at the same time? Combine 15 drops of lemon essential oil and one and a half cups of water in a heat-safe bowl. Microwave for five to 10 minutes, allowing the steam to condense inside the microwave. Once complete, remove the bowl safely and wipe the grime away with a damp sponge. 

Degrease Your Stove With Baking Soda

Stovetop cleaners and degreasers are some of the harshest cleaning products to inhale. They emit very unpleasant odors and it can be difficult to breathe when you use them. Instead, pour baking soda on your stove, sprinkle with a little water, allow it to sit for one hour, and then wipe away. Your stove will look shiny and clean as ever!

Baking Soda Removes Carpet Smells

Because it’s such a great natural cleaner, let’s stick with baking soda for a moment. If you want to get rid of carpet odors, baking soda is right for the job. Next time you vacuum your carpet, sprinkle some baking soda on it first. Vacuum the carpet and you’ll be left with an odor-free carpet. This is great if you have pets that love to get their stank on carpets. 

Remove Pet Hair With Rubber Gloves

This isn’t so much a natural cleaning hack as much as it is a useful pearl of wisdom. Pet hair can be very difficult to vacuum off carpets or furniture, especially if your pet sheds a lot. When your standard vacuum can’t get the job done, slide on the rubber gloves and rub any areas that need extra cleaning. You’ll find that pet hair clings to your rubber gloves, and it will only unstick when you wash it away. 

Dust With Coffee Filters

Need to dust your electronics, which you probably neglect to clean for most of the year? Grab a coffee filter or two to help clear dust from tv screens, computer monitors, and any other electronics you have in the home. The great thing about dusting with coffee filters is that they don’t leave behind any fibers. 

Buff Surfaces With Olive Oil

You may be familiar with the health benefits of olive oil, but do you know that it can help you clean the house? Olive oil can help buff stainless steel, pots and pans, and other appliances. Drizzle some olive oil on a soft cloth and apply it in a circular motion to buff out any dirty spots. You may need to give the surface a wipe with a clean rag to reduce oil residue on the surface you buff.



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