7 Practical Tips For Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention

7 Practical Tips For Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention

The new coronavirus, which is officially known as SARS-CoV-2, is an infectious virus that can lead to the coronavirus disease 19 or COVID-19. This virus has spread to almost every country around the world, and people are uncertain of what the future holds. This fear of the unknown has caused everyone to utter the question: “How can I protect myself from getting the virus?”

Scientists have determined that people who develop COVID-19 typically have an underlying illness or existing health problems. The virus can multiply quickly in the body, and you can pass the virus if you are both symptomatic or asymptomatic. The fact of the matter is that each person can be affected differently because there are so many unknown factors.

Tips For Prevention

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has urged everyone to cover their faces with cloth masks in public places, where it is difficult to maintain a six-foot distance from others. Wearing masks, in combination with social distancing, will hopefully slow the spread of the virus. The CDC also advises that people shouldn’t stockpile surgical masks and N95 respirators because those are reserved for healthcare workers. For more prevention tips, please continue reading.

Avoid Touching The Eyes, Nose, And Mouth

Most people are not aware of how frequently they touch their faces throughout the day. The reason you should avoid touching your face is because the hands touch so many surfaces, where viruses can live. Once they become contaminated, they can transfer the virus to your nose, eyes, or mouth. That is when you can become sick.

Wash Hands Frequently

Do not use scalding hot water to wash your hands because your skin can dry out more quickly. Use lukewarm water with soap (preferably antibacterial or antiviral soap) and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Get in between your fingers, under your fingernails, and even up to your wrists. Click here to learn proper hand washing technique.

Limit Contact With Others

The reason it is important to practice social distancing is to put space between you and others, who may have the virus. If an infected person sneezes or coughs, those droplets can travel and you can breathe them in if you are too close. When you are in public, maintain a six-foot distance between others. If you live in a community with a high number of cases, stay home as much as possible, avoid contact with people who are not members of the household, and only go out to visit essential services.

Clean And Disinfect

In addition to maintaining personal hygiene, it’s integral to use alcohol-based disinfectants to clean hard surfaces in the home or car. Door handles, furniture, toys, countertops, computers, remotes, and your phone are frequently touched throughout the day. Disinfect those areas and items frequently.

Disinfect Your Groceries

The items in grocery stores are exposed to many germs, even without the threat of COVID-19. Now more than ever, it is integral to disinfect cans, frozen items, any packaged food, and produce that you purchase. Prior to putting your groceries away at home, it can be beneficial to soak all raw fruits and vegetables in a solution of food-grade hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. And wash your hands after handling fresh produce.

Don’t Share Personal Items

When it comes to personal items like phones, makeup, combs, forks, straws, or towels, avoid sharing them with others. Additionally, teach children to recognize their own cups, straws, and dishes as a precautionary measure for their health and safety.

Self-Quarantine If You Feel Sick

Whether you come down with COVID-19 or not, stay home if you experience any symptoms that indicate sickness. Remain in your house until you are fully recovered. Avoid sleeping, eating, or engaging with loved ones if you live in the same home. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, call your doctor for an appointment.

Following these tips can help flatten the curve and propel society towards a healthier future. Stay healthy, everyone, and be kind to each other.



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