7 Self-Care Ideas For When You Have A Bad Day

7 Self-Care Ideas For When You Have A Bad Day

There are some days or weeks when things just seem off, as though everything in life is a struggle. Some people live by the motto, “no bad days,” but that statement isn’t true for everyone. This isn’t to say that you live life with a negative outlook; rather, there are times when things don’t go as smoothly as they could. 

When it seems that everything that could go wrong actually goes wrong, you need time to recuperate and shake off bad energy before it consumes you. If you neglect your self-care during these times, things only worsen and you start heading down a dark, depressive path. Every person can recover from a bad day or week, even though it can seem scary or impossible. We have seven self-care tips to lift you up when you’re feeling down. 

Write It Out

If it’s embarrassing or uncomfortable to discuss your problems or hard times in person, you can let them out on the page. Bottling up your feelings is not a positive way to deal with life events. This is why journaling is a great therapeutic way to release your feelings, stress, or whatever is on your mind. After you finish your journal entry, be sure to reflect on what you wrote. When you engage in reflection, you’ll find that you have an ability to flourish in life moving forward, especially if you encounter a similar scenario.

Sing Your Song

A lot of people know how to play instruments and use that creative outlet to turn bad feelings into positive moments. Music has power, and you can lift your spirits even by listening to a song, but don’t be afraid to belt it out. Some bad days call for screaming to feel better, so why not add a little melody (or not, if you’re not musically inclined) and sing your favorite songs? Alternatively, you can relieve stress and mellow out by listening to soothing sounds that stabilize your mood. 

Massage Time

If you can afford it, make an appointment to get a massage. More often than not, people carry a lot of tension in the body and it can take a toll on the nervous system. Allow a skilled masseuse to massage the tension out of your body; we promise that you’ll start feeling like a new person after the first 10 minutes. If you don’t have the time or funds to schedule a massage, sit on the couch, grab some lotion or oil, and give your legs and arms a good massage. You can also engage in some gentle stretching to promote relaxation and better sleep. 

Put Your Phone Away

The smartphone is an amazing technological device, but it can also stir up emotions, ruin your sleep, and cause stress. Ending the day on your phone is the worst way to end the day, especially if your day was already a struggle. Instead of getting sucked into the social media vortex, end your day with a reading session, writing session, or meditation session. All of these things put your mind at ease and help you focus on positivity. 

Allow Yourself A Good Cry

Sometimes, it’s necessary to sit and acknowledge your feelings. Too often do people ignore their feelings, which is unhealthy behavior. Don’t be ashamed to have a good cry when things in life frustrate you. Showing emotion doesn’t make you weak; in fact, it makes you stronger and healthier. Express your feelings and good things will follow!

Cuddle Your Pet (if you have one)

Often times, we don’t deserve pets because they are just too perfect. Pets, especially dogs, can sense if you’re having a bad day and they come to your side to support you. Love your pet, cry with your pet, or simply lay with them, embracing their love and affection. You can even play with your pet because that will surely lift your spirits. 

Don’t Eat Your Feelings

Emotional eating is a huge problem, especially when people experience sadness, frustration, or anger. These emotions cause uncontrollable eating habits, but food is not your savior. You’ll find that you don’t need to resort to food when you use one or more of the previous tips to care for yourself. 

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