7 Ways To Move More In Everyday Life

7 Ways To Move More In Everyday Life

It’s estimated that about one in four U.S. adults sits for longer than eight hours every single day. This sedentary way of life is not only detrimental to your physical health, but also your mental health. It can be intimidating, overwhelming even, to schedule an activity or gym session in an already hectic day, though. That’s why it’s integral to bring the movement to you

Entrepreneurs, students, parents, and commuters alike may not always have the luxury of fitting a workout into their day. A spin class, CrossFit session, or anything of the like isn’t the only way to move, though. The classic saying is, “Any movement is better than no movement.” Small activity breaks go a long way in enhancing your physical and mental well-being. During the holidays, you can contribute to your activity efforts by engaging in things that involve movement. Skiing/snowboarding, touring zoo lights, visiting botanical gardens, and more all involve movement and are great ways to stay active. Continue reading to learn about more ways to be active during everyday life.

Walking Meetings

As long as you don’t need a projector screen or white board, this is a viable option. One-on-one meetings make this option even easier. Well, that applies to people who still work in the office. A large percentage of American adults continue to work from home, so a phone meeting during a walk around the neighborhood may be a great option. Not only does it incorporate exercise into your day, but it also gives you a break from the screen!

Sit On An Exercise Ball

If you haven’t joined the standing desk revolution and still sit in a regular office chair, it’s time to change it up. Swap out that dull office chair for a stability ball. Sitting on an exercise ball can help reduce back pain by improving posture. Additionally, you have to engage your core to maintain balance while working. 

Commercial Exercise Breaks

It’s safe to say that most people opt for streaming services these days, but some people still watch regular television, which has commercials. Well, some streaming plans have commercials, too. Get your butt off the couch and incorporate squats, lunges, planks or burgess during commercial breaks. Click here to learn about the best exercises to do while watching TV. 

Take The Stairs

This may be a boring tip that you’ve heard countless times, but it’s a recurring suggestion for a reason. Whether you’re shopping in a mall, heading up to your apartment, or arriving at the office, you have the opportunity to take the stairs. Walking up stairs is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that also helps to build lower body strength. If you make it up the stairs with time to spare, do some calf raises on the top step for extra points!

Have More Sex

Yes, folks, this is a real suggestion that should hopefully excite some of you. In addition to spicing up your love life, having sex more frequently can help burn more calories. According to some research, men can burn about 4.2 calories per minute during sex, while women typically burn 3.1 calories per minute. It’s not the same as going on a run, but you can definitely work up a sweat!

Try New Activities

Not everybody thrives in the gym, but there are other ways to stay active. Have you ever wanted to learn the tango, jiu-jitsu, or archery? It’s never too late to pick up a new skill and challenge yourself. You’ll find that many things you’ve always wanted to do involve some sort of exercise. 

Do Outdoor Chores On Your Own

If you have the funds available, it’s much easier to hire gardeners to rake leaves, trim trees, pull weeds, and mow the lawn than to do all of that yourself. You probably broke a sweat just reading about all of those outdoor chores! The leaves are definitely falling and littered all over the ground. Turn it into a fun family activity and get the entire household involved. Assign everyone a specific task and don’t get mad if a leaf-throwing fight breaks out. Embrace the fun!



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