7 Ways To Stop Living For The Weekend

7 Ways To Stop Living For The Weekend

Friday means the weekend has arrived, which means that fun is about to commence. Sadly, the weekend only lasts two days and Monday comes around before you know it. Whether you had a lethargic, fun-filled, energetic, or busy weekend, you are one thing on Monday morning: cranky. The desire to head back to work is not there and you start thinking about the coming weekend as soon as you clock in that Monday.

How do you stop asking yourself if Friday is here yet? It can be difficult to live in the present moment and not fantasize about the dream life that only exists on the weekend. The reality is that life is short and you have to make the most of your time on this planet. When you live for the weekend, not only do you put pressure on yourself to have an exceptional weekend, but you also miss out on so many things instead of juicing every drop you can out of each day. To help you embrace the present and abandon the idea that the weekend is the dream life, the following tips may help you stop living for the weekend

Go Out During The Week

You don’t have to have an insane rager on a Tuesday night that leaves you hungover at work on Wednesday. Make plans to go out to dinner, see a movie, attend a concert, or go axe-throwing with friends, a significant other, or family. Having fun isn’t only reserved for weekends! Just make sure you don’t stay out too late, because you need your rest to recharge for the upcoming day.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Aside from not going to the office on the weekend, one of the things people love to do is sleep in. There’s something to be said about a long night of rest. You feel like a new person when you wake up. Since there are so many moving pieces to mid-week life, try something new for a change. Go to bed extra early one day during the week. Leave the dishes in the sink, forget the laundry, and disregard your to-do list. Put on some new sheets, take a relaxing bath or shower, and prioritize going to bed. You’ll feel like a new person with a renewed sense of energy to boost you through the week. 

Evaluate Your Current Job

If you love your work and doing your job doesn’t feel like a chore, then that will change how you live during the week. People who live for the weekend are not always in love with what they do. Take the time to find work that means something to you so that you can reframe your feelings about work. Consider enhancing your skill set if you want to move up the career ladder. If you cannot advance at your current job, see what else is out there, or swap roles entirely.

Spend Time With Your Partner

Anyone who is in a relationship knows that it requires work. You have to keep things interesting with your partner, and you can do that in several ways. The best way to do this is to make something ordinary a special occasion. Make breakfast a date, creating a spread for the two of you to enjoy before work. What about a glass of wine in the evening where you dedicate time to sharing with each other? Possibilities are endless and they don’t have to be extravagant!

Make Time To Watch The Sunset

When you’re on vacation, you make it a point to watch the sunset. In fact, you may even plan your evening around it, booking a dinner reservation so that you can enjoy a meal as the sun goes to bed. Do you have the same desire to spend your evening watching the sun go down when you’re at home? You probably spend the golden hour in front of the TV or on your phone. Try making time, each week, to watch the sunset if the weather permits. You’ll bring that “vacation feeling” to your work week in a roundabout way!

Make The Most Of Your Breaks

Do you sit at your desk to eat lunch while entering a YouTube rabbit hole? If you do, you are not alone, but it may not be the best way to spend your lunch break. Making your lunch is a great way to save money and avoid eating unhealthy food options, especially if you’re limited on time. Instead of letting your lunch break fly by, head outside for a short walk. Heading outside and moving your body will help improve your mood and productivity.

Find A Hobby That Excites You

It’s very easy to head home after work, eat dinner, and spend the rest of your evening on the couch watching TV. Finding a hobby that you truly enjoy can turn your evening into an exciting adventure or challenge. Begin scrapbooking, take a photography class, learn an instrument, write poetry, or take up a language. The possibilities are endless and you’ll find a sense of fulfillment that you may or may not get from your day job. 



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