8 Fun Activities To Do When Spending Thanksgiving Alone

8 Fun Activities To Do When Spending Thanksgiving Alone

First of all, we just want to explain that there is nothing wrong with celebrating Thanksgiving by yourself. Although it may be unfamiliar territory, considering that this holiday is traditionally spent with family and friends, you may find yourself alone this year or in the future. There are also those who do not enjoy the Thanksgiving meal and simply want to enjoy a night alone. Whichever way you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving is the right way, but should you be alone on this holiday, we have a few fun activities for you. 

Whether it is by choice or an unlucky circumstance, being alone on Thanksgiving can be a challenge. You may lack the funds to celebrate it, or you may live in a city with no family or friends, and travel may be difficult due to budget restrictions or weather. You can spend Thanksgiving by yourself without feeling lonely or bored. Continue reading to learn how you can do just that. 

Cook Your Favorite Food

You don’t have to cook a turkey and stuffing just because it is Thanksgiving. When you celebrate this holiday alone, you have the freedom to take the reins in the kitchen and cook what your heart desires. Make enough for yourself and yourself alone, or make a little extra if you want to have some leftovers. Throw on a record or pop in your headphones to listen to a podcast while you are doing your thing in the kitchen. When the meal is ready, you will be too, and that’s a beautiful thing. If you don’t feel like cooking, simply order takeout!

Catch Up On Your Favorite Shows

Is the movie you never got to see in theaters finally available on a streaming platform? Have you been meaning to catch up on episodes for a series that you enjoy? Entertain yourself with a good binge-watching session! You have the time on this holiday, so use it how you please. If you finish a couple episodes and want to put something else on, consider a classic or modern holiday-inspired movie that you can easily find on streaming platforms. 

Watch Some Football

If you don’t have a favorite show and are not interested in new movies, throw on the football games that happen every Thanksgiving. There is always a game airing on this holiday, and watching it by yourself means you won’t miss a moment. Nobody will be there to interrupt you and you don’t have to listen to negative comments from friends or family members who are not sports fans. You can even use social media to engage with other football fans watching the same game(s).

Give Back To Your Community

Doing something good for someone else, or a lot of people, is often one of the best things to do when celebrating Thanksgiving alone. Even though you may not be with friends or family, you can make a difference by bringing joy to the lives of others. Some people always have to spend Thanksgiving alone, so spending it with those in a worse situation than you may actually make your Thanksgiving that much more enjoyable and wholesome. 

Have A Self-Care Day

If you are alone and don’t have any obligations, spend the day pampering yourself! Self-care and relaxation should take priority on your Thanksgiving Day to-do list. Take this alone time to unwind in a soothing bath, or take an extra long facial skin care routine. You can even go so far as to put on a robe and place cucumbers over your eyelids! By the time the Thanksgiving weekend is over, you will feel recharged, well-rested, and ready to get back to your regular responsibilities. 

Do Some Shopping

If you have the financial means to do so, consider taking part in some retail therapy. Most companies offer Black Friday sales well before Thanksgiving begins, so you will definitely get some deals. Take the time to get a head start on buying holiday gifts for your loved ones, or get something that you’ve been desiring for a while. Splurge on yourself because you deserve it.

Curl Up With A Good Book

Earlier in the article, we suggested that you catch up on your favorite TV shows. If you want to do that, then do just that! If you don’t want to spend your day in front of a screen, consider starting or finishing a book. Books, much like TV or movies, can transport you to fantastical places, or provide excellent and inspiring stories. If the book you choose to read is really captivating, you may finish it in one day! 

Begin A New Tradition

No matter your reasons for spending Thanksgiving alone, you cannot be sure that you won’t spend it alone in the future. What does that mean for you? Well, come up with a new Thanksgiving tradition for yourself. Don’t wait for company in order to celebrate your way! Maybe your new tradition is to play solitaire when you get up, or to do a yoga sequence after breakfast. A great new tradition could be to make one new dish every year!

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