8 Reasons Why You Need To Cleanse Your Body

8 Reasons Why You Need To Cleanse Your Body

The average person’s body typically has a lot of built up impurities inside the body. The accumulation of toxins and waste manifests in the form of poor digestion, sore joints, achy muscles, brain fog, frequent headaches, gas, inflammation, acne, and more. The body has the ability to eliminate toxins, but roughly half of the world’s population consumes more toxins than the body can eliminate. This is where cleansing comes into play. 

What Is A Cleanse?

A cleanse is typically a series of supplements that work to clean and rejuvenate the body’s major organs and systems. It is often accompanied by a special diet (the raw vegan diet in the case of the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse) that provides optimal nourishment and enhances the cleansing process. Most people use cleanses to lose weight, but this is merely a benefit. The primary purpose of a cleanse is to hit the reset button on the body, and cleansing can result in better sleep, improved sexual function, clearer skin, mental clarity, reduced allergy symptoms, and more energy.

When you decide to cleanse, you can expect to experience the following benefits.  

You’ll Reboot The Body

Cleansing the body is comparable to taking your car in for service. You don’t want to drive around in something that operates poorly, right? Treat your body the same way! When you take a break from unhealthy foods, addictive substances (caffeine, sugar, processed foods, alcohol, etc.), the body can get back to normal, the original factory settings if you will. 

You’ll Have More Energy

More often than not, the average person experiences fatigue or sluggishness. This is occasionally attributed to a caffeine or sugar crash, but hydrogenated oils and fatty foods also contribute to fatigue. By eliminating all of those foods and focusing on water, fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds, you can increase energy levels. For example, people find that they experience fewer midday crashes and they wake up with more energy during the cleansing process. The improved energy also comes from the ability to sleep better, which is another benefit of cleansing

You’ll Kick Your Cravings

Flour and sugar are two of the most biologically addictive foods. The food industry has hacked the biology of many people, because these foods alter brain chemistry, metabolism, and hormones. Food manufacturers create what is known as “the bliss point” to lure people to buy more of their foods. Sugar is roughly eight times more addictive than cocaine, which is why many people have a hard time kicking sugar cravings. Cleansing the body helps you get off that junk food hamster wheel! You’ll feel so good that you won’t even want to eat those foods after your cleanse. 

You’ll Improve Digestion

A high percentage of diseases originate in the digestive tract, specifically in the colon. This is primarily because people can store 15-25 pounds of undigested waste in the digestive system. Cleansing naturally increases your fiber intake, which helps to move food through the digestive tract. Lubricating the intestinal walls can also get rid of built-up waste, improving the overall function of the digestive system. 

You’ll Have Clearer Skin

Environmental pollutants and toxins from your diet can affect the largest organ in the body: your skin. Most people don’t consider that certain foods, which they regularly eat, cause acne, breakouts, hives, or rashes. Cleansing these foods from the body gives you a reset, and your skin can have a chance to thrive again. As toxins leave the body, it is possible to experience an increase in acne or patchiness, but these are common symptoms of cleansing. Don’t worry, things will clear up and you can experience improved complexion, reduced blemishes, and even a youthful glow.

You’ll Lose Weight

This is the primary reason that people decide to cleanse. If people don’t lose weight it’s because they either have an underlying health condition that prevents weight loss or a hormonal imbalance. Cleansing forces you to eliminate common foods that pack on the pounds, including sugar, simple carbs, greasy foods, meats, dairy products, and more. Eliminating the residual toxins from those foods can help the body release weight more efficiently than a simple calorie counting diet.

You’ll Have Healthier Habits

It’s easy to be healthy for 10 or 20 days, but being healthy for a year is even better. When you see and feel the difference in the way your body functions, you want to keep that feeling going long after the cleanse is over. Learning about healthier recipes and what you can do with different foods helps you form habits for a healthier life. Replacing old unhealthy foods with healthier foods makes your health a priority!

You’ll Restore Internal Balance

You may or may not notice this benefit, but it’s the most important one. The body contains a complex series of systems that intertwine and work together. They can’t function optimally if one or more of those systems is plagued by toxins. By cleansing the entire body, you help to restore balance to your internal systems, which can lead to better overall health.



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