8 Tips To Start Living In The Present Moment

8 Tips To Start Living In The Present Moment

Mindfulness is something that many people strive for, but grace and peace of mind aren’t easy for everyone to achieve. When you eliminate non-essential possessions, you ultimately free yourself from many of the emotions that keep you stuck in the past. By clearing out the unnecessary, you open your world to the freedom of shaping your life in the present moment, which is the greatest gift of all. 

When you inhabit the present moment, you don’t worry about what happened in the past, or what will happen in the future. The only important moment is the one you’re in, the present. By living in the present, you can often live a more engaged, connected life, being free from judgment and more open-minded. The ability to be present may be the cornerstone of mindfulness and meditation. It’s not just a state of mind that monks aim to achieve; rather, everyone can strive to be more present

If you have questioned your ability to live mindfully, you are not alone. Becoming a more mindful person doesn’t happen overnight; rather, it takes work and practice makes perfect. Read on to learn about tips that can help you start living a more mindful lifestyle in the present.

Listen Without Interrupting

In theory, this is an easy tip to follow, but it can be difficult in practice. It is very natural to want to interrupt someone during conversation, especially if something the person said relates to something you’ve experienced. Just listen when people speak to you and don’t block out what they are saying in order to immediately follow up with your next talking point. Genuine interest in a conversation can help it flow naturally, and you won’t need to plan your next comment. 

Journal It Out

You want to keep your thoughts flowing, and allowing them to become stagnant can leave you frustrated or blocked. Swirling thoughts in your mind can remove you from the present by directing your attention to past or future scenarios. Journaling is very powerful and can be of great help when you need to get your thoughts out. After you put pen to paper, make a conscious effort to either let them go, or return to them at a later date when you have the time. 

Forgive Past Hurts

It is very easy for someone to harbor resentment towards another person because of past hurts. If you want to move forward in life, the best thing you can do for yourself is to forgive. Although the harm was their fault, allowing that hurt to impact your mood in the present is your choice. Let go and choose to be in the present moment!

Stop Multitasking:

Juggling too many things at once is an efficient way to burn out. The mind cannot be in two places at once, so make the decision to be in the present moment. Don’t give little bits of your attention to everything you can; rather, give your full attention to one thing at a time and you’ll find that you naturally inhabit the present moment

Love Your Job

If you are one of those people who just “survive” the workweek, then you are wasting 71% of your life. Living for the weekend means that you are far from living in the present. If you dislike your job, there are two options: find a new job that you love, or find something about your current position that you appreciate. Look at your work in a more positive light to invite more mindfulness into your life. 

Stop Worrying

This is easier said than done, but you cannot fully appreciate the present if your mind is elsewhere. Don’t worry about tomorrow because it will happen whether you worry about it or not. Worrying does not accomplish anything, except redirect your energy out of the present. Focus on today and don’t waste your mental energy worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. 

Let Your Phone Die

This is a scary thought, but people spend too much time on their phones, whether they scroll the gram or answer emails. You can easily worry about the future and take the present moment for granted when the focus is on your phone. Worrying about your phone’s battery percentage also takes you out of the present. Make it a point to either shut your phone off or let it die so that you can bring yourself back to the present via meditation or gratitude. Be grateful for your morning meditation or yoga sequence and watch the rest of your day fall into place. 

Conquer Addictions

Addictions can have a firm grip on your life, and it can feel as though they hold you hostage from reaching your full potential. Don’t let your addictions remove you from the present moment. Find some help and take the necessary steps to overcome these addictions. When they no longer influence your decisions, you can allow yourself to live in the moment addiction-free.

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