A Quick Facial Massage To Tighten And Lift The Eye Area

A Quick Facial Massage To Tighten And Lift The Eye Area

Lack of sleep, stress, and looking at the computer screen for hours on end can create puffiness or dark circles around the eyes. Puffiness can also result from overeating, which is especially common during the holiday season. The overly-salted and sugary dishes can increase fluid build-up in the body. Additionally, holiday travel can also take a toll on your skin. Combine all of these things and the skin around your eyes may be puffier than ever. 

Jade face rollers, oils, moisturizers, and more may make the skin feel lovely, but are they more effective than a massage? Many people like to avoid touching their face, as the hands often carry bacteria that can harm facial skin. With very clean hands, however, it’s possible to gently massage the face to decrease puffiness and improve glow. A de-puffing massage can promote lymphatic drainage, which may reduce the frequency of breakouts, dark circles, and puffiness. Above all else, a facial massage feels incredible and it’s easy to incorporate the beauty products you use in your daily skin care regimen. 

Importance Of Lymphatic Drainage

According to experts, any facialist worth their salt incorporates lymphatic drainage into their services. It typically involves gentle tapping motions with your fingertips in a circular motion around the eyes. The tapping or gentle massage helps to increase blood flow to the area, which helps decrease swelling. To drain lymph properly, it’s best to massage in an outward motion, starting near the cheekbones and swooping out towards the temples. You can do this type of massage any time of day, as long as you have clean hands. Please continue reading to learn how to do the massage. 

Quick Facial Massage For Eye Area

The key to a great facial massage is light pressure with the fingertips. Pull them upward and outward to encourage more circulation in the tissues. Delivering more oxygen to skin cells can help improve complexion and reduce puffiness. It can be beneficial to massage with a skin-safe carrier oil or moisturizer for gentle glide. 

You can actually encourage the reduction of puffiness if you do the massage with a moisturizer that contains caffeine. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it compresses blood vessels in the skin. This can help support the resolution of inflammatory pathways and may reduce flushing, both of which contribute to puffy eyes. You can also massage with the inside of a banana peel, as the high potassium content helps to counteract fluid build-up

Step 1

After cleaning your hands thoroughly, gently dab your fingers in a moisturizer or oil. Starting from the corners of your mouth, sweep your fingertips around your cheekbones and up to your temples in a J-shaped motion.

Step 2

Do the same motion as in Step 1, but start from the corners of your nostrils instead. Sweep your fingertips upwards in a J-shaped motion toward your temples. Then you can repeat this motion, starting from the bridge of your nose. Because this is closer to the eyes, make sure to be extra gentle here. You can add more oil or moisturizer if you feel your fingertips tugging your skin.

Step 3

Now it’s time to trace the eye shape in an inverse motion. Start near the bridge of the nose and glide the fingertips just under the brow bone until you reach the temples. Repeat this cycle twice and be sure to be delicate on the skin. Avoid pulling and tugging because that will make things worse. 



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