Americans Petition For Veggie Option At In-N-Out

Americans Petition For Veggie Option At In-N-Out

People definitely want a veggie burger added to In-N-Out’s classic menu. They want to enjoy the chain people know and love without having to contaminate their bodies with meat and cheese. Hey, we love it when veggie burgers pop up on menus because it means that places are catering to people who like their health.

There has been a serious petition making the rounds online. It has gained over 24,000 signatures and has been picked up by major news outlets, including the KTLA News station. The current meat-free meal is several orders of fries. What most people don’t know, however, is that you can actually order a grilled cheese off In-N-Out’s secret menu. But why does a vegetarian option have to be secret? Doesn’t it deserve to be on the menu just like the other meat options?

The Good Food Institute (GFI), which is the driving force behind the petition, says that In-N-Out should cater to the plant-based eating habits of Southern California residents. The petition suggests that having a veggie option on the menu would be profitable, given the growing popularity of meatless options in restaurants around the country.

The GFI believes that by having a meatless option on the menu, In-N-Out would make a statement that it cares about its customers’ health. People, especially millennials, love burgers in meat or meatless options. It is an American classic that will never go out of style, so coping with the health trends of today might not be a bad move.