Apply Tea Tree Oil To Your Skin And See What Happens

Apply Tea Tree Oil To Your Skin And See What Happens

Even if you new to the world of essential oils, you have probably heard of or even used tea tree oil. Similar to eucalyptus, tea tree oil has been used as an herbal remedy for hundreds of years. The oil you get in little bottles is actually extracted via steam distillation of the twigs and leaves of the tea tree plant. It takes roughly 1,000 pounds of the plant to yield 10-15 pounds of essential oil.

The tea tree is native to Australia, but tea tree essential oil has reached people all around the world. It’s important to know that the tea tree was known as the melaleuca tree. Captain Cook, upon getting sick in Australia, was given a tea of melaleuca leaves, and so he dubbed it the “tea tree.”

Tea tree oil is typically used as a topical remedy, helping to heal cuts, wounds, or infected areas on the skin. People also used to inhale the vapors of tree leaves in boiling water to help remedy respiratory illnesses. Many cultures have also brewed tea from the leaves in order to help get rid of cold or flu viruses. Below are some of the reasons why tea tree oil is always good to have around the house.


We figured that we should start out with a unique property of tea tree oil. The cicatrisant property helps open wounds heal quickly and prevents them from getting infected. It is also great to rub on scars that are the result of skin blemishes.


Since tea tree oil helps to fight bacteria and viruses, it makes a great insect repellent. There are properties in the oil that steer insects like mosquitos, flies, lice, or fleas away from you. Tea tree oil can also help rid the body of intestinal worms (roundworms, tapeworms, or hook worms) because the body absorbs the bacteria fighting properties of tea tree oil.


Tea tree oil has a variety of anti-inflammatory properties, helping it to boost your immune system. Certain studies have even discovered that tea tree oil can stimulate the production of a specific white blood cell, which plays a role in destroying cancer cells, microbes, and bacteria.


Many people who get the chickenpox or cold sores often use tea tree oil as a topical remedy to sooth the itching or pain. The anti-viral properties also help to fight against influenza, for example, the H1N1 virus.

Hair Care

If you have dandruff or are experiencing hair loss, tea tree oil contains a stimulant property that can help improve the health of your scalp. This property increases blood flow in your scalp, which helps to strengthen your hair follicles and keep them healthy.

Acne Control

Skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema are extremely common. When the oil glands on your skin are unregulated, the skin’s surface can suffer from accumulated bacteria. Using tea tree oil can help get rid of bacteria, which in turn promotes healthier looking skin.

Improved Hygiene

Tea tree oil is commonly used in the composition of deodorants because it has a powerful and pleasant scent. Since it can help eliminate body odor by attacking the bacteria and toxins, it can help to improve your overall hygiene, especially in places that are hot and humid.



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