Are Head Spa Treatments Worth The Hype?

Are Head Spa Treatments Worth The Hype?

Nothing in this world can survive without a solid foundation. That is especially true for your hair. If your scalp is not healthy, your hair is likely to be brittle, limp, or overall unhealthy. That’s where cleansing and moisturizing the scalp comes into play. When your hair roots and follicles are healthy, you can experience better growth and shinier hair. 

In case you have not seen all of the TikTok videos and Instagram reels, head spas have been increasing in popularity. The videos showcase a close up camera on the scalp to see what issues need to be addressed. What follows is a series of deep cleansing scrubs, oiling the hair, a halo rinsing apparatus, a scalp massage, and then another close up camera on the scalp to see the difference after the treatment. They are highly popular in China, Japan, and Korea, and are now more present in the United States. 

Head spas are hair care treatments that aim to revitalize the hair and scalp. It may sound like a luxurious treatment reserved for special occasions, but incorporating head spa treatments into your hair care routine may have a significant impact on the health of your hair. Continue reading to learn about five benefits of head spas. You may just want to try one out to see and feel the difference. 

Boosts Blood Circulation

Why is boosting circulation to the scalp beneficial for your hair? By improving blood flow, you help to deliver more nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots, which is necessary for growth and strength. That stimulation also promotes healthier hair growth, which contributes to thicker, more vibrant hair. Head spa treatments work to boost circulation to the scalp via the scalp massage, head steaming, and intense water pressure. 

Balances Oil Production

An oily scalp is just as problematic as a dry scalp. Everyone wants their scalp to be just right, but we aren’t all Goldilocks. By receiving regular head spa treatments, you can help balance the scalp’s natural oil production. When you regulate this, you can help reduce the likelihood of an overly oily or excessively dry scalp, both of which are harmful to hair health. When your scalp’s oil production is balanced, you support healthy hair growth and maintain the hair’s natural luster. 

Repairs Damage

If you want to increase the thickness of your hair, a head spa should be an essential component of your hair care routine. Extensive treatments work to gently remove dirt, grime, and impurities (usually general scalp buildup) from the scalp. By unclogging pores and cleaning the scalp, your hair has a better chance to grow more efficiently. A head spa works great for an oily scalp and can help supply moisture to a dry scalp, which helps reduce itchiness and dandruff.

Helps Relieve Stress

The hair and scalp are constantly under stress because of sun damage, pollution, dirt, and product buildup. A head spa is a multistep, therapeutic hair treatment and it consists of washing the hair thoroughly. It also involves an intense scalp and hair massage, which may cause you to feel tingly all over your body. If you’ve ever had a scalp massage, you know this feeling well. How amazing does it feel when someone washes your hair at a hair salon? Now, imagine that feeling amplified by 10 during a head spa treatment. This is incredibly relaxing and can help relieve stress and promote a feeling of rejuvenation. Studies have found that intensive care treatment spas increase focus, improve productivity, and reduce stress

Deep Cleansing Beyond The Surface

You can shampoo and condition your hair to clean it and make it smell nice, but that doesn’t compare to the cleansing that occurs at a head spa. Think of these treatments like a deep clean for your head. You don’t regularly clean under the couch in your home, right? Well these head spa treatments do! They aid with the removal of excess dirt, oil, and product buildup that regular washing can miss. A head spa treatment is like a detox plan for your scalp that may prevent scalp issues that hinder hair growth.

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