Cell Salt Requirements Of Each Sign

Some of the biochemical experts have declared that the twelve principle cell salts found in the human body are ruled by the twelve signs of the Zodiac. They affirm that a person uses more of the cell-salt belonging to the Sign under which he was born, as that chemical is connected with the key-note of his activity. Therefore the first deficiency that occurs in his internal laboratory is this cell-salt, his ‘birth salt’, and the various symptoms of his ills may be traced primarily to this depletion. – Vera Stanley Alder

Sign: Salt:
Aries Potassium Phosphate
Taurus Sulphate of Sodium
Gemini Potassium Chloride
Cancer Fluoride of Lime
Leo Phosphate of Magnesia
Virgo Potassium Sulphate
Libra Carbonate of Sodium
Scorpio Sulphate of Lime
Sagittarius Silica (Quartz)
Capricorn Calcium-Phosphate
Aquarius Sodium Chloride
Pisces Phosphate of Iron