Gemini – “The Twins”

May 22 – June 22

Mutable Sign (Flexibility, Versatility)
Statement: “I Think!”
Yang (Assertive, Bold, Expressive)
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air

GENERAL: A certain duality is apparent in the pure Geminian. Ambivalence, shifting outlook to the point of being elusive. Very intelligent and humane, well-disposed and very judicious. A complex personality, often contradictory; ability to learn quickly, quickness of thought.

POSITIVE TRAITS: Versatile, attractive, lively, happy, imaginative, affectionate, courteous, kind, generous, thoughtful, adaptable, ingenuous, clever, logical.

NEGATIVE TRAITS: Egocentric, restless, unconscious, unscrupulous, dishonest, self-interested, pessimistic, sullen, irritable; gossiping, harsh speech, superficiality; misleading and misinforming.

SEXUALITY: Fickle, unromantic, superficial, flirtatious, never dull; liable to fall in and out of love.

BODY PART(S): Blood, nervous system, shoulders, lungs

HEALTH PROBLEMS: Skin problems, depression, stress, asthma/bronchitis.

OPPOSITE SIGN: Sagittarius

COLORS: Blue, yellow


METAL: Quicksilver

Mineral: Potassium Chloride

SCENTS: Lavender, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Storax

DAY OF THE WEEK: Wednesday


DEEPEST NEED: Communication


INCOMPATIBILITY SIGNS: Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

MARRIAGE/PARTNERSHIP SIGNS: Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius

FUN: Libra, Aquarius


Gemini’s Life Horoscope

There are good months, and there are great months, and as you wake up and stretch those limbs and see the sun peeking through the curtains on the 1st and 2nd, you’re going to know you are in for one of the great ones. Wow! Put on your happy pants and your chatty sweatshirt and your ‘it’s great to be alive’ t-shirt. You’re ready! By the anything-is-possible 5th, 6th or 7th, you need to focus on putting your ideas into action. You’ll be astounded at how well this works! A slightly more calculated approach will work better than just doing it on the fly on the 12th and 13th. But if you encounter a situation you aren’t prepared for, going by the seat of your pants will be exhilarating, too. What’s the best thing about your opinion? You can change it! And change it you may on the exciting 18th, 19th or 20th. You really, totally, absolutely must for sure communicate your hopes, dreams, needs, fears and desires with the people closest to you on the 23rd and 24th. Otherwise, they could be left feeling a little out in the cold! And you’ll lose the benefit of their good advice. You’re in for another super stellar couple of days on the 28th and 29th. Just don’t get too possessive on the 31st.

Gemini’s Love Horoscope

Have you been dreaming of a dreamy dreamboat who would float on over into your romantic waters, of late? Well, good news! That dream is very, very likely to come true on the pretty darned amazing and awfully romantic 1st and 2nd. Send up a flare to let the captain know you’re ready to board! By the super intellectual 5th and 6th, you’re ready to meet your match — then to spar a little! There’s nothing quite like an intellectual connection to get your heartstrings taut. On the go, go, go 10th and 11th, you want to do everything with them: pick flowers, visit the zoo, fly a kite. But there are only so many hours in the day! And you do have to hold down that job, too. So do what you can, and enjoy every minute of it. Flattery will get you a certain distance, but in the end, you’re going to have to just come clean about how it is you really feel on the 14th and 15th. Do you know how you really feel? It might be a good idea to try to figure that out, you know. By the world-rocking 20th, a piece of wisdom shifts your whole understanding of the situation. Be patient on the 25th. After all, there’s plenty of romance for you on the 28th and 29th. Follow through on the 31st.

Gemini’s Money Horoscope

Did you want to start your own company? Switch career tracks and become an astronaut? Open a bakery? Whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming about, the 1st and 2nd are the perfect days to do it. Everything is lining up perfectly, and your energy is higher than ever. Oh, and luck is on your side! So what are you waiting for? Your opinions count on the fun, feisty 5th, 6th and 7th. Yay! By the 13th, you bring more insight, and a sharper intelligence, to the table than ever before. And that’s saying something! Don’t be surprised if your attitude towards your work undergoes a radical shift on the 18th, 19th or 20th. Radical shifts can be a little disconcerting, but ultimately, they always end up having a positive impact. Get together with your best friends before you make any big decisions on the 23rd or 24th. After all, your friends have a really good idea of what you want and what you need, work-wise and life-wise, too! Big plans can be implemented in a big way on the totally terrific 28th or 29th. Stick to your budget on the 31st.

Astrologer’s Advice For Gemini

Avoid anything that feels like a responsibility today — your energy is too good to worry about what others think of you! Make sure that you’re applying your energy to your own projects.



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