Scorpio – “The Scorpion”

October 24 – November 22

Fixed Sign (Strength, Willpower)
Statement: “I Desire!”
Yin (Passive, Receptive, Withdrawn)
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Element: Water

GENERAL TRAITS: Traditionally pure Scorpios are said to have characters of a violent and irrational nature; intense, powerful, magnetic attraction. Dignified, reserved in conversation, easily hurt, quick to detect insult and easily moved by emotions.

POSITIVE TRAITS: Self-discipline, tenacious, passionate, sensitive; constructive and loyal friends, intuitive and analytical; rational and honest.

NEGATIVE TRAITS: Quick to anger, impatient, rigid, unloving, intolerant, secretive, abrupt, unforgiving; a tendency towards extremism, brooding, brutal, arrogant, and volatile.

SEXUALITY: Strong desire for sex; passionate and physical

BODY PARTS: Genitals, reproductive system

HEALTH PROBLEMS: reproductive complaints, STDS, urethritis


COLORS: Red, Violet

GEMSTONE/BIRTHSTONE: Bloodstone, Malachite, Topaz

METALS: Iron, Radium, Steel

MINERAL: Sulphate of Lime

SCENT: Cherry Blossom, Coconut, Sandalwood, Watermelon



DEEPEST NEED: To penetrate and transform




FUN: Pisces


Scorpio’s Life Horoscope

As the month gets going, you could be all business. There’s nothing wrong with that — in fact, the more ‘all business’ you are, the more great work you are bound to get done! As you plunge into all this getting-things-done on the 1st and 2nd, it’s going to be crucial that you pay close attention to the fine print. That’s right: Business is complicated! As you well know. But knowing that and acting on it can sometimes be two different things, and you’ll do best, this month, if you stay alert. By the ever-so-slightly-challenging 5th, 6th and 7th, you could experience a little tension with your boss. Heck, you’re a strong, smart personality, and it’s bound to happen. There are worse things. You’re in a totally different (read: Totally romantic!) kind of place on the ‘how the heck did I get so lucky?’ 12th and 13th. Revel in it! A radical problem demands a radical solution on the 18th, 19th and 20th, and luckily your radical ways of thinking are perfectly suited to the task at hand. If your opponent turns out to be much, much tougher than expected on the 25th, why not join forces? Between the two of you, there’s nothing you can’t do! Lead with your dreams on the 30th and 31st.

Scorpio’s Love Horoscope

It’s one thing to gamble with your emotions. But it’s an entirely different thing to gamble with somebody else’s. On the 1st and 2nd, keep this in mind, as you proceed through the casino of your emotional life. While you’re there, you might want to consider the following question: Should you really be thinking of your emotional life as a casino? Would it be better to shift your point of view? Maybe you should think in terms of the ‘safe and cozy, stable, loving nest’ of your emotional life? Just an idea. By the slightly problematic 5th, 6th and 7th, you’re going to be faced with some more of those existential questions. Is this love? What is love? Are you happy? What is happiness? Do your best to answer these questions as honestly as you can. Luck is on your side, and they are loving all your attentions on the super intense 12th and 13th. Conflicting ideas about things like ‘should we paint the living room peach or beige’ shouldn’t be deal breakers. But conflicting ideas about whether it’s better to live in a house with a living room or camp in a tent 365 days a year could be. Think about it on the 18th. Workout strenuously on the 23rd. You’re tempted on the 28th. A deep conversation could change your life on the 31st.

Scorpio’s Money Horoscope

On the 1st, you are out there inspiring confidence. Whether it’s in the boardroom or the bakery, you bring a special ‘oomph’ — you know, that combination of charisma and charm, confidence and good looks, intelligence and so forth. Well, you know. If you want to make a deal or sign a new contract or hire a real go-getter this month, you will probably succeed. On the 5th, though, be on your guard — if a deal looks too good to be true, well, it just might be. Then on 10th, the boss — whether that’s you or not — is in a good mood. The 15th is a good day to channel some of your very impressive business energy into helping others. Why not organize a soup kitchen volunteer work shift for the gang from the office? But, on the 20th, do try to avoid conflict. A sense of derring-do on the 24th could come in handy, as you will have a few challenges to overcome at work. Just try to keep it all above-board on the 30th and 31st!

Astrologer’s Advice For Scorpio

You’ve got money worries — but other people are involved, so they automatically become quite complicated. The good news is that you can handle complex problems in creative ways!



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