Signs of the same element share many basic traits in common and tend to form stable configurations and ultimately harmonious relationships.

Earth SignsPractical
Water SignsEmotional
Air SignsMental
Fire SignsInspirational

Following is a chart specifically listing the actual Signs that are of the same Element:

EarthTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
WaterCancer, Scorpio, Pisces
AirGemini, Libra, Aquarius
FireAries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire Signs

On the whole these are emotional, volatile types, quick to anger, quick to forgive. They are adventurous, powerful people and act as a source of inspiration for everyone. They spark into action with immediate exuberant impulses. They are intelligent, self-involved, creative, and idealistic. They all share a certain vibrancy and glow that outwardly reflects an inner fame and passion for living.

Earth Signs

These are in constant touch with the material world and tend to be conservative. Although they are all capable of Spartan self-discipline, they are earthy, sensual people who are stimulated by the tangible, elegant, and luxurious. The thread of their lives is always practical, but they do fantasize and are often attracted to dark, mysterious, emotional people. They are like great cliffs overhanging the sea, forever married to the ocean but always resisting erosion from the dark, emotional forces that thunder at their feet.

Air Signs

These are light, mental creatures desirious of contact, communication, and relationship. They are involved with people and the forming of ties on many levels. Original thinkers, they are the bearers of human news. Their language is their sense of word, color, style, and beauty. They provide an atmosphere suitable and pleasant for the living. They add change and versatility to the scene, and it is through them that we can explore new territory of human intelligence and experience.

Water Signs

These are silent, mysterious types whose magic hypnotizes even the most determined realist. They have uncanny perceptions about people and are as rich as the oceans when it comes to feeling, emotion, or imagination. They are sensitive, mystical creatures with memories that go back beyond time. Through water, life is sustained. These people have the potential for the depths of darkness or the heights of mysticism and art.

SOURCE: Berkeley Publishing Group



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